Saturday, 12 April 2014


There are only a few women associated with Afro beat and one of such talented personae is Adesola Idowu, proudly known as Weird Mc..44 years old Sola was born in England to conservative parents who did not support showbiz as a career but alas, that is another story for another party...Where exactly is she right now?

Weird Mc is a very unique Performing and Recording Artiste and some of her tracks actually earned her awards including the famous Ijoya-which means time to dance; this successfully recorded song got her an AMEN Award for Best Pop Song and A Channel O Music Video Award for Best Special Effect Video in 2006.

The Media in Nigeria should be concerned about Its People in the creative business. You do not talk only when they are celebrated; they also matter when the chips or If the chips are down. I am not saying she has nothing to offer us again but as a concerned fan, We ought to care about the whereabouts of Weird Mc.

I would really love her back in the scene as a female act who knows how to cook a good Afro beat meal for Nigerians...By the way, Did you know Sola Idowu studied Music Technology in London?
Thanks to Wikipedia. And If you call yourself a celebrity in Nigeria and your name is not found in Wikipedia..Think again before you blow your trumpet too much in the face of the media