Friday, 4 April 2014


If you think Deji Bakare is one of those people who do not have a continuation when they set out to do something or affect humanity...Please, you are absolutely missing something here...With much success and acceptance of the first season of Deji Bakare Talent Search, The second season is here and so much has been put together to make it different from the last season and I mean a complete creative development from the previous season.

This time around, It is about UPLOADING YOURSELF TO STARDOM, which happens to be the theme of this edition..It is an awesome opportunity for the young and old, within the ages of 16-30 to present to the world, their creative talents. Tell A friend, Call A family and whisper around..Do not miss this mind blowing TV Show.

By the way, the only way to be a part of this opportunity is to record your talent..any talent from singing, dancing, poetry, arts and crafts, acting, playing musical instruments and so on..Upload and you stand a chance of getting to stardom...It is simple as A, B, and C.
This is an initiative of Deji Bakare, Mr Nigeria 2011, who is set out to bring change to the young generation.