Saturday, 12 April 2014


In every Marriage, there are challenges that comes every now and then but once you have made up your mind that It is a sacred determination to make things work, then, you are on a smooth ride to enjoying the best of that decision to live together. For better. For worse...Barack and Michelle Obama are not angels in its definition but am very sure they are matured about how to handle their marriage despite being the Number One citizens of the United States of America.

Mr. President used his powerful hand to stop the First Lady’s striped satin skirt from being blown up by the wind. They were getting off Air Force One on the way to the LBJ Presidential Library for a Civil Rights Summit in Austin, Texas when the strong gust of wind threatened to embarrass his wife and he smiled the whole time!.

It might not mean anything but to Michelle, I believe It shows how humane and loving Mr. President is despite handling serious governmental issues across the country..