Saturday, 12 April 2014


Genevieve Nnaji is no doubt one of the sexiest Nollywood Divas across Africa and several people have their opinions about her; from being snobbish to several hate comments but she has held herself high and her career has not stopped but rather, several endorsement deals and international recognitions have continued to struck, A recent which is the Etisalat Deal worth Millions of Naira.

I came across this picture on her instagram page and decided to travel back and see other images of her and I simply feel she is a true testimony of style...Her transformation is amazing and I must applaud her for reserving the black beauty till date. That is one of the reasons she is rated top among the sexiest.

From her hair style, clothing, career, carriage and personae...It is a complete brand worth billions of Dollars considering the time and effort she has put together in emerging this way.

If you claim to be a celebrated personality and you have not evolved like this, please take a cue from this African Beauty..