Sunday, 6 April 2014


Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are. How about showing me your leaders and I will tell you the kind of followers you have. Evidently, we can see why President Obama of the United States, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, John Dramani Mahama of Ghana and so many other outstanding world leaders are adored and loved by their people despite various policies that are not welcomed by their people. In our case, the reverse is the case.

Let us face it, we do not have a complete soulful revolution spirit but we can talk, send across our feelings through strikes and other funny tactics but how far will that take us to the promise land we keep yearning about. And by the way, Is there any map to reveal how close we are to the promise land...I guess our aspiring politicians can explain better because they have been there. And still there and do not want to leave...?

Is that the young generation cannot handle the various affairs of this nation; economics, social, judiciary, governance, health, and so on ? Why do we feel comfortable with the same people and ideas. Yes, these factors have been nursed and discussed for ages but are we really not tired.

When you recycle waste, you create an advantage out of it. If we have any reason to vote back a past leader, there must be something different about that come-back and that should be written down, documented and presented before the constituency; thereafter, the people can be rest assured that this man or woman deserves a second chance at governance.

As the elections draw near in Nigeria, several politicians are making their way back into the system, so much transfer is going on just like the Football leagues, everyone is seeking for the best team players and no one is talking about the constituency, the people, the children. unfortunately, the youth and women are like the most vulnerable during these times..

It is actually not a big deal if past leaders are returning, perhaps, It only shows those in the present cannot lead but again, Have they been given the platform and opportunity..? and I conclude, start from your family, your community, your work place and so on.

Talk is cheap but vote for a leader you know has the interest of your retired father, your community, your children and your future. Recycled or not recycled.