Tuesday, 1 April 2014


When they say Never judge a book by Its cover...but If the cover speaks more than the inside of the book, then I might judge but positively this time...Tope Tedela is one book that says a lot from Its cover and without painting him too perfect like a Mona Lisa work, He is quite a gentleman with an extreme level of principle. With some sarcasm, He promptly interject my interview with him saying this and that is off record...

This native of Ekiti State started his Make-Believe Journey in 2006, when he featured in a Tv Drama, Edge of Paradise...A production he recounted as a beautiful experience. We can truly say Tope was born for this business judging from his story about his escapades withing the Literary and Debating Society at the Primary School Level. He actually got into trouble every time a play was organized.

Tope thought of doing everything and at a point, He was confused and did not know what to do because back then, It was actually unheard of to say you want to be an actor, despite his large interest in books, people and life but alas, the story is different today and being the Best Actor at the African Magic Viewers Choice Awards is just a proof that he is on the right track of Life.
It is impossible to have such a chat and never delve towards his experience on the set of ''A Mile From Home'', the Action Thriller that gave him the Glory which every Journalist is trying to tap from today...He used three words to describe the experience- Fun, Challenging and Crazy...As a concerned person and knowing what is at stake, He kept on asking the director about the Genre, his role and the camera shots..You can imagine that even the cute ones worry about a camera angle...It tells us the level of his professionalism.

Tope says ''A lot of times, Its get to a point that you are scared If you can do certain roles and that feeling comes in from time to time, but one should be willing to learn, listen and prepare to take risk and work with people who know what they're doing.''

This Young man surely has a lot of responsibilities being the first child but that has not affected his principle in life, even though he described himself as a problematic child growing up...That also, did not affect him having the most significant legacy from his parents-Education...Tope Tedela is a Graduate of Mass Communication from the Prestigious University of Lagos, Akoka.
It is easy to picture Tope as an Up and Coming Actor but his level of intelligence and wisdom is very much needed in Nollywood..I asked him about the Industry and he was quick to say that a lot still needs to be done. In his opinion, The script is the foundation of every good film and that area he says, still needs to be cooked well..In essence, what we term as a screenplay is not a screenplay. He adds that despite all the imbalances, the Industry is still filled with amazing people, some of which you can draw inspiration from.

Do not bother to stress yourself about how to style this reserved, shy and homely gentleman, He does not give a hoot about Fashion but being comfortable with what he wears is just fine..He says one should wear what suits him/her and be reasonable about it..I guess no offense to all you Fashionistas across the world..Tope is a Soda fan and also enjoys fruits all the time.

Whenever an Actor gets an award such as the AMVCA, It is expected that a lot of Directors and Producers will hunt you down at all cost to include you in their flick, especially, when you possess that versatility and such testimony is not far from Tope's Yard, as the calls have been coming in but he has been involved in a couple of productions prior to the award..One of which is In My Father's House Directed by Jimi Odumosu.

All we can do is just to sit back, relax, enjoy and celebrate this young brilliant act who is spirited and determined to take his career to that height of motion picture glory...