Saturday, 31 May 2014


Its Samba time and If you have not caught the bug, then I presume your country will not be hoisting Its flag at the World Cup fiesta this year..Well, that is the spirit of the game and so I believe everyone will be watching the games anyway...but the spirit is quite high and I begin to wonder If there's more to the game and I realised Its being hosted by Brazil...Yes...Samba town, little wonder there is a request for more condoms.

To all the married women, Its time to change your menu, If your husband is travelling to Rio, you better ''de Janeiro'' along with him at all cost before you hear the news of an half-caste in far away Sao Paulo..and to those of you who will view back home..Its time to go shopping because the game will hold from the 12th of June to the 13th of July..make sure you make the best of dishes, If you do not want him viewing the matches from another location that can also lead to....

It is no longer news that this football fiesta is one of the most unifying factor of the human race, It actually cares less about your race, colour, language, as long as a good game is going..and for Nigerians, We actually forget most of our worries at this time...This is the time most food and beer parlours do sell very well because there is nothing like having a few bottles while you watch your country scoring those goals...

By the way, If you still think football is not a lucrative career, visit the nearest Neurosurgeon because the winner of the world cup gets US$35 Million...


With a journey into the make-believe business in 2004, Aniekan Iyoho has not looked back. Its been 10 years of challenges, commitment and optimism but I guess no one can kill his fire right now. He is an actor and a voice-over artiste, hence, call him a versatile creative individual.

As usual, every actor must have their views about the industry but for Ani, He says It is challenging since it entails you living out a character, having to deal with the publicity that comes with it, sleepless night shoots, the skill of remembering your lines alongside the gestures and remunerations..but above all of these, what comes next is a defining success and that's what keeps Ani going on - the love of the job.

His choice of words are similar to that of a mentor, psychologist or a motivational speaker and he owns every one he uses for every answer he gave me,however, he feels there is so much that needs to be corrected in the industry; the storyline, aesthetics, marketing/distribution, film education, lack of agents for actors, sponsorship and so on..I do believe these are familiar issues affecting Nollywood for quite some time now.

He described his experience back in 2004 as horrid but truly what more can we expect a beginner to encounter; auditions that never led anywhere and issues of ethnicity were just few of the headaches this native of Akwa Ibom had to bear...but he says, he will always be grateful to Dickson Dzakpasu, an experienced director who has recommended him to other great producers and directors including the Award Winning Director of Potomanto, Shirley Frimpong Manso, A Ghanaian Film producer, writer and director. Ani as you know got an AMAA nomination in the Best actor in a supporting role category for same movie-Potomanto.

Is there really any magic to ones career development. this is no ''juju'' but true commitment to what you love doing. Ani draws inspiration from lots of very good actors both local and international and his being mentored by preachers, motivational teachers and I smell a level of spirituality?...absolute Yes and truthfully, he says the bible is the only book he knows that always has something new to offer every time he reads it, which I presume is the same ideology with quite a few of us.

Ani did not stumble into the movie world by error, rather, seems more like he was ordained for that purpose from the very beginning; he joined the choir at age 7 and a few years later, joined an acting group in Church, which led to him being addressed as a pastor, singer, a comedian and Yes, an actor..It is very obvious and If you think Ani is more of a serious minded being, may I notify you that he loves to swim, read, play video games, visits the beach and Jazz bars and quite addicted to watching cartoons.

For those of you who desire and crave to be successful in Nollywood, he emphasizes that network and relationship building is of great value, develop your acting skills, desire to learn more stuff (by which he meant knowing something about everything), be confident, eloquent, like-ability and a good character is important.


Have you ever been in an argument and you where this close to driving home your point before the non-constructive opponent of yours interrupted you without a red flag?..Do these opponents really make sense after all...? Now, these scenarios also occur on most day time Television talk shows..I have not had the chance to do this but I do know am guilty of it when am having an heated discussion with someone or a group of people..

It is now an habit on television to see presenters battling out their views or questions by interrupting their guests or a co-host...What happened to allowing people finish their view or question, I quite understand that of the guest because you are running against air time by allowing a free random moment of expression on a particular topic but what say ye about co-presenters who also interrupt themselves without courtesy and manners.

Its quite funny when some presenters cut their co-host and end up stating the same question in a different perspective, call it choice of words perhaps but Its more like there is a battle of ''who the crown fits more''..It makes no sense and I had to take time out to observe some television presenters and those I found guilty of the act are the less intelligent..

If you both prepared for a talk show, you can share the questions amongst yourselves, rather than battle yourself for superiority before your guest..they might just see you both as shallow minded...and seriously, TV Presentation is a very serious have to be cautious of so many things and I do not mean you fake mannerisms but be mindful of some characters and attitudes that mind interpret you as uncultured.


Aaron Sunday was live at Bayelsa State, Southern part of Nigeria for the 2014 Africa Movie Academy Awards, It was also the 10th Anniversary of what many term as Africa's Oscars..As usual, It is always a night of glitz, glamour and glory..Aaron presented the Award for the Best Short Film in Diaspora and Best Documentary Feature in Diaspora alongside a South African Actress by name Thando.
Aaron, however, confessed that he was a little bit off the edge being his first time..and certainly, It is normal to have that funny anxious feeling but what's more important is that you do not fall off or faint while talking at a Live broadcast of the biggest Movie Awards in Africa..Your Gucci, Prada, Armani or the smell of a Chanel will not save your disgrace that day...It will only make it worse!

Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Two years after Babalola Gabriel, Also known as Bigiano declared a come back..I do not seem to have noticed anything..Personally, I always sing along any time I hear lyrics and beats of Shayo, His hit song and I was thirsty for more but alas, It is a common phenomena in Nigeria to see Movie and Music Artiste swing in and out of the Industry..and some do hide under the ''searching for greener pastures syndrome'' and what happens at such a pasture....?

All of a sudden, they return back home with a press release aided by some people who call themselves entertainment Journalists who have no constructive motive about what they are writing about..Anyway, As I was saying...These Music stars like they address themselves return home to sing about the excesses of the government, Youth empowerment et al...good motive but perhaps, If you had started a career from that perspective, I would take you more seriously for one...

We hear repositioning brand everyday by Artistes who sojourn to the US, UK, and anywhere money grows in Europe..Fantastic but funny enough, they also return to do collaborations with people with the hit new wonders like Wizkid, Davido and so on...Interesting!

Does Bigiano still has a seat in the Music parliament where the representatives are so large in number...? It is not about just a re-branding but If such an artiste is still relevant to the development of the industry vis a vis his musical talent...I will certainly wish you the best but remember you cannot eat your cake and have it..

Sunday, 25 May 2014


We call it our own Oscars...African Movie Academy Awards..An Academy were laurels are given to students and teachers of the Movie Industry..We have a selected best and certainly, someone has to top the class..The 10th anniversary and edition of the Awards held this Saturday at Bayelsa State with winners emerging in various categories...As you know, without being a predictive demon of failure, such an event cannot come to pass without issues here and there, physical, technical or human.

Let me start by saying that quite a number of the winners were worth deserving and that shows that the standard and quality of reward is taken into consideration as the year comes.Let me take a quick observation at Veteran Actor, Richard Mofe Damijo, He was trimmed..Is it for the movies, health or general body fitness?..He looked early 40s. Rita Dominic seems to have added some weight but still beautiful and never disappoints on the dance floor and President of the Actors' Guild of Nigeria, Ibinabo Fiberesima caught my attention with her wine colour gown and a radiant skin tone.

To the music performances of the night, One Act that will always earn my respect is Timi Dakolo, from his short dedication to Late Amaka Igwe to his one nation song, A song worth endorsing as our national anthem..It was emotional and got a lot of people rising on their feet and waving their hands to the glory of Nigeria..but the producers of the show disappointed me by dropping the climax after Timi's Song..and am still looking forward to the day some balls like this would have artistes perform without jumping off to the crowd..

Another common issue with our events is the lighting and sound..They give your event a touch of life but am not sure we are concerned about have situations were the audio jacks up and down..I might be wrong but do we really need such a club disco kind of light at such a historic gathering of laurels..It is not a concert...Anyways, congratulations to all the winners...Am done here


I have never been a fan of arguing matters of Christianity with people because there is a difference in doctrine and the mission of how faith is interpreted but what we cannot overemphasize is the existence of a supreme being who controls the universe- God..Where am I heading to..? and by the way, This is not a sermon but an exposition into what I understand by The Church from the Nigerian perspective.

I grew up understanding the essence of waking up as early as 6.30AM to prepare for a Sunday Service..For those of you who know the operandi of most Orthodox Churches, Services are usually of two phases and language; usually English and Yoruba or Igbo..Well, please almost there...Today, there are Churches right at your door step, It is actually not a bad thing if we understand the true essence of spreading the gospel for everyone to hear but what has emerged from that - several doctrines and systems have emerged.

I actually know that the Church is made up of people but that is not what we are practising,..Why do we go to church; Is it because of the Pastor, Choir, Free Food, Contract jobs, fanciful structure or system of hanging out with duties that seemed like service to you...I believe It is about people...I recently witnessed a situation where an usher of a church was in a heat of argument with a worshipper for sitting outside..From all indications, that is a Church system..Is that how to convince someone who had a grace of coming down to Church, to go inside..Who cares about rules in the House of God, A place where all and sundry are welcomed...The only rule is coming with your heart in purity before his presence and hear from him even if its a minute of your time...

Let us not get carried away with the structure, the beautiful atmosphere and at the same time, let us welcome everyone, anyone into the House of God..even with a seat right at the front..Do not be selective..The Church is about people not a system or a structure...Wit an income of even 5,000 Naira, you should be privilege to worship happily and not miserably in a Church because It is about you and not what you earn.

Sunday, 18 May 2014


My mouth was opened when I stumbled on this Info because I found it very funny..Like seriously..62 million condoms? How many rounds of sex do they intend to have while the football fiesta is on..or perhaps, they have a target of rounds if Nigeria makes it to the final...

President of Nigerian Supporters Club, Rafiu Ladipo made the appeal to the United Nations Programme on HIV and AIDS, soliciting that the condoms be increased...after an initial plan of 2 million condoms..which the members insisted that such a figure would not be enough, demanding for 2 million each day of the tournament.

I quite understand the notion of protection, especially If they attain victory against the favourites at the World cup and Rafiu Ladipo will be managing about 10,000 fans alone..So i guess they surely need protection...I am sure a lot of Rio babies will be created because they might just decide to create an half-cast...


These are 10 Chief Executives within the technological business in Nigeria and their investments have cut across the globe with lots of profits to account for daily...
She is the Chief Executive of MainOne Cable, a submarine communications cable stretching from Portugal to South Africa with landings across the route in Accra and Lagos.

The Chief Executive of the first company in Nigeria to earn the Google Adwords partner certification and provides internet marketing services for international brands such as Pepsi and Vodacom.

iROKO is the largest Youtube partner in Africa with over 500,000 movie licenses purchased. It has over 14 million hours of media content on Its license rights and more than 800,000 registered users, making it the largest distributor of Nollywood content globally.

Zinox is Nigeria's first internationally certified branded computer. He also pioneered IT Solutions and Distribution in West Africa and He recently launched Zipad tablet...

Globacom is Nigeria's second largest telecom operator. Glo is also the first company to roll a submarine fibre optic cable from the UK, a project that gulped more than $800 million.By the way, He is one of the richest men in Naija.

He built a system that would enable electronic transaction of money. Today, Interswitch not only has the infrastructure for online, real-time transaction switching and payment processing. Its shared infrastructure has been adopted by banks, government agencies and corporate organizations to accelerate growth while reducing cost of operations.

After stints at Google, RealNetworks and MicroStrategy, He left the employee phase to begin his entrepreneurial venture by launching in 2012. He has also launched ecommerce platform, DealDey.

Founder and Chief Executive of eTranzact, a local multi-application and multi-channel electronic transaction switching and payment processing platform. Launched in 2003, It has evolved into a multinational brand rolling out products such as ATM, Internet, POS and mobile in 6 other countries including South Africa, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Cote d'voire, Kenya and United Kingdom.

A computer tutor that became a computer sales woman, even with a background in Chemical Engineering, She is still a force to reckon with in the I.T Business in Nigeria. Omatek made history by becoming the first I.T firm to be listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.


They are edgy, charming, fierce and most importantly, beautiful enough to grace the best of the Nigerian Music Videos, Home and Abroad...Ladies want to be like them and surely, the guys would love to go out with them...These are the Hot Video Vixens in Nigeria currently...Do you have what it takes to beat them...Their price goes from Fifty to about One hundred and Twenty Thousand Naira per Video and I do believe some of them can feature in about 3 videos in a week...Calculate the rest...


I came across this list of words that make people love you more on Yahoo Small Business Advisory and I believe It will go a long way in creating a balance of respect and value for ourselves..
1 & 2 - Sir and Ma'am - A little bit of formality with people can actually stand you out.

3 & 4 - You're Welcome - It acknowledges that you've done something worth someone else's thanks..A sign of respect gets an attention and Its better than using ''yep'' or ''no probs''

5, 6, 7 - Here's What's Happening - Its a great gesture to keep people accurately abreast of issues or matters concerning work, family or relationships.

8 - 11 - How Can I Help - Being proactive is a great virtue, do not underestimate the intent...

12 - 15 - I Will Find Out - It shows that you are not only willing to help but also going out of your way to offer assitance.

16 - 19 - I Believe In You


The phrase ''Don't judge a book by its cover'' is not strange to many of us but how well do we understand that statement because quite a number of us conclude about people from the first words of their mouth or by checking out if they are wearing labels or the best of charm..Ok! I had an encounter with a Lagos Agbero-these are guys who scout for passengers at most bus stops in the Lagos Metropolis.

Personally, I do not see any interesting thing about these guys because they are rough, rude, ruthless and quite damaging, and so, most transporters are usually frustrated about their activities because they destroy vehicle parts but what can we do..We hear they contribute to the economy of Lasgidi, Anyways..I was on my way to work recently and I was approached by a young guy whom seems quite my age or slightly older..He started praising me and begged for my financial assistance, with some respect and regard for me.

I was in a good mood that morning and so I told him to keep working and I will get back to him before boarding a bus..and so, I checked inside my wallet and brought out a Fifty Naira Note and gave it to him just as I was approaching a bus..This is what he said back- Hey bro, thank you so much, I am most grateful and do have a nice day...

Now, You might say what is the big deal about that...there is lots of deal actually...He never wore the best of clothes, looked really unkept and not sure If he had his bath that day but the fact that he told me to have a nice day is quite an extreme gesture...How many educated and civil people tell you to have a nice day, either over a phone call or a face-to-face meeting?

Prior before that day, I usually see him with other tough looking guys acting quite like what we call them and that means I have painted him a certain way but after that day, I had to readjust my thoughts about his person..He has a life just like me..He has a purpose, eventhough, he might not seem on that path now and most importantly, he has an average level of education...''Never Judge an Agbero by what you see or hear''.

He approached me the following day and said thank you once again..I know we do not have to open a book sometimes to give an insight about its content but just make it an habit to go through the introduction, prologue or even the first chapter..there are surprises waiting therein..


The Modelling Industry in Nigeria is one that is not particularly well structured but still, quite a few are still having their way with contracts. We cannot exclude the fact that there are amazing men and women who have groomed theirselves well enough to represent brands across the continent and yet, there is a great issue with renumeration.

In a recent chat with Seun Ogunseye, He bears his mind about the Industry and his career. Seun describes himself as an average Nigerian Youth with a drive to succeed, He loves God and believes family is everything. With 5 years of Experience, He is still forging ahead and he operates on a freelance level due to the fact that the agencies do not handle models properly.

I had to ask him about the challenges going on in the Industry because we might just assume that models are leaving a fabulous life with the cheques, clothes, balls, partying, trips and all of that but there are issues with the structure system for models, the management of models, poor renumeration, breach of contract just to mention a few, some of which he has experienced personally.
Aside the fact that runway fashion does not pay much, Seun does not go for castings any more because he gets direct jobs now and proudly says that his job speaks well enough for him as a PR to get other jobs. When you do not find him sweating it out on a photo shoot or strolling down a run way, He must be hanging out with friends or deeply listening to music by Seal or Brian McKnight.

On his personal ordeal with a breach of contract, Seun says he threatened with a Lawyer but after finding out they will not be able to pay, He had to let go..He emphasized that Model Management should be top priority in the Industry. There are three things involved to be in the Industry despite the whole challenges- confidence, good looks and physique, aside these, every model should be punctual, easy to work with and a good public relations.

Seun Ogunleye affirms that Modelling is the best thing that has happened to him..the time, the runway and the camera.


Fast Rising Actor, Model and Voice Over Artiste, Aaron Sunday, has hit the AMAAs...Well, we are not exactly referring to being nominated in a category because he is quite close to that with just a little more hard work but Aaron has been notified has one of the personalities that will present an award at the event, which happens to be the 10th Anniversary of AMAA(African Movie Academy Awards).

Take it or Leave it, It is a rare opportunity and that means that you are a force to reckon with when your superiors in the Industry see you worthy enough to not only grace such an historic gathering but also mount the stage to acknowledge nominees and winners in the Make-Believe Business. Congratulations Aaron and hopefully, you would be called up as a nominee of a category next time.

Sunday, 11 May 2014


This face is definitely not strange to many of you but this light skinned Nollywood Actress has not stopped being versatile as a creative person...She is still in the studio working on some singles and would disclose them as they release..In my interaction with her recently, I discovered she is a simple person and does not talk too much. Thelma has not stopped acting and should be storming a location soon.

Saturday, 10 May 2014


It is no longer news that Nigeria is now the centre of attention across the world, not because one of our actresses won an Oscar, the Kennis Music Label bought a larger share investment at Sony Music or Oprah Winfrey decided to move her studio to Lagos; The state of our insecurity is now a global meal that everyone is feeding on. I have decided to keep mute about this recent occurrence that sparked international attention because I was totally confused about what to write...Let me explain further.

Now, We had the case of the four handsome guys brutally killed at Aluu Community in Rivers State and several other cases including the one that occurred at Yobe State recently but no one made an #### or declared a total outcry about it like this one..I mean like what we are seeing today. Several world celebrities are carrying the ''bring back our girls'' tag as a means of what exactly and our dear ones in Nigeria had to wait for Michelle Obama before supporting the course...Seriously!

Anyway, whenever there are issues going on like this, you should take out time to follow a public transport in Lagos and you will amazed at what you will hear...Of course, there are some Nigerians who give opinions like they are part of the Presidential system at Abuja but there was a particular elderly man whom I boarded a public transport with and he gave a candid opinion about this saga..He left me thinking for some time and everyone listened and digested his thought very well...

Now, I will state some of his thought as questions for us to digest as Nigerians- Do you think our approach to religion is a problem in Nigeria?, Are we truly a democratic Nation?, Is America after our Oil?..This were the points this man was making and he broke it down for all of us inside the vehicle...Let me start with Religion- He says so many Nigerians are quite gullible and have been fooled with religion because that is always our last resort, so many people are out there exploiting their fellow citizens in the name of religion and tithing is also used to enrich pocket...

I was a bit moved about that aspect but what struck me most was his opinion about our democracy and the insurgencies...It really felt like he had his fact right at his finger tips- He says America would definitely have a special interest in coming to help us and he related it to what happened in Libya and that there is nothing democratic about Nigeria. He says we should be like the Saudis who are protecting everything they have to the interest of Its people and not fooled by any external neighbouring interest. Remember, they have oil too.

In all of his arguments, I can smell mischief, greed and deception within ourselves and that has brought us to where we are today. It is indeed sad and worrisome..He further asked If any Girls were truly abducted or Is it a conspiracy and I nodded within me because that was also on my mind...but whatever is going on, Now is the time for the President and Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces, to take a radical approach and save this country from any form of oppression within or outside the four walls of this country. To all the celebs in Nigeria, This is the time to use your status wisely..pursue a course rightly and justly and not because the world wants you to...

Friday, 9 May 2014


When we say Lagos is the Centre of Excellence...I can say categorically that such an adjective reflects in every aspects of me being a Lagosian. Lagos is the State where all the craziness, madness and swag takes place..I am sure I do not need to state or bore you with how Lasgidi operates but this particular incidence really took me by surprise...Please follow me..

For those of you who usually board the long public buses around the Metropolis in Lagos, You would have experienced one or two dramas amongst passengers or with the driver and Bus conductor but my own version was like a scene in our home videos. Silence is actually the best answer for a fool, especially when such a fool is an Illiterate or lacks manners...

I boarded one of the Subsidy Buses and sat at the extreme end of the bus..As we journeyed on, two ladies or aunties came in and sat just in front of me, dressed in the same outfit, with extreme make up and eye lashes and chewed gum like never before..but they actually lapped each other..It is also true they say-Never judge a book by Its cover but I never knew that such a book would be unveiled that very night.

The battle of ''Who curses more'' started when one of the aunties made an attempt to stop another woman from making a move to where she was eyeing to sit, as soon as that passenger wants to alight...Just one reply from that woman landed so much drama which lasted for about 30 minutes..the best of curses filled the air and from there, these two ladies simply unveiled that they were Night workers or should I say Prostitutes....

All attempt by the other lady to calm her friend down was abortive..She was ready to go down there and the other woman did not give up about washing your dirty linen in public but trust me, these women did not give a hoot about our opinion..The noise was out of this world....Well, It was very obvious the aunties were going for a night out..How did I know?...We should always respect ourselves in a public vehicle.

Saturday, 3 May 2014


As part of efforts to ensure successful rescue of the abducted female students of Government Secondary School CHIBOK, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GCFR, has approved the constitution of a
Presidential Committee on the rescue efforts for the missing female students.
The Committees whose work shall be largely fact findings is charged with the following terms of reference:
  • To liaise with the Borno State Government and establish the circumstances leading to the School remaining open for boarding students when other schools were closed;
  • To liaise with relevant authorities and the parents of the missing girls to establish the actual number and identities of the girls abducted;
  • To interface with the Security Services and Borno State Government to ascertain how many of the missing girls have returned;
  • To mobilise the surrounding communities and the general public on citizen support for a rescue strategy and operation;
  • To articulate a framework for a multi-stakeholder action for the rescue of the missing girls;
  • To advise Government on any matter incidental to the terms of reference.
  • 2. The Committee is composed as follows:
  • (i) Brig. General Ibrahim A. Sabo (Rtd.) – Chairman
  • (ii) Barrister Femi Falana, SAN – Member
  • (iii) Hajia Hawa Ibrahim – Member
  • (iv) Hajia Fatima Kwaku – Member
  • (v) 2 representatives of National Council of Women Societies (NCWS)   – Member
  • (vi) 2 representatives of the All (one whom shall be a female) Nigeria Conference of Principals of Secondary Schools (ANCOPSS) – Member
  • (vii) 2 representatives of the National Parents Teachers Association
  • (viii) 2 representatives of the Nigeria Police “ – Member
  • (ix) 2 representatives of the State Security Service “ – Member
  • (x) 2 representatives of the Nigerian Army “ – Member
  • (xi) 2 representatives of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) “ – Member
  • (xii) 1 Representative of the Federal Ministry of Information (who shall be the Committees’ Spokesperson) – Member
  • (xiii) 1 Representative of the Federal Ministry of Justice – Member
  • (xiv) 3 Representatives of Borno State Government (two of whom, preferably, shall be women) – Member
  • (xv) 1 Representative of the United Nations – Member
  • (xvi) 1 Representative of ECOWAS (who shall be a woman) – Member
  • (xvii) Permanent Secretary (Special Services Office) OSGF – Secretary
  • 3. The Committee will be inaugurated at the State House, Abuja on Tuesday, 6th May, 2014 by 12 noon.
Anyim Pius Anyim, GCON, Secretary to the Government of the Federation
Culled from OMG Nigeria.


I am not a football fan in the definition of owning a club jersey, getting updates on my phone, buying sport papers and most dramatic of all, standing by the road side on a Monday morning to argue out my brains in defence of a team that has never considered me on their pay roll for being a fan...but ask me to sit for a full Nigerian game..Am all for it but the English Premiere League has always caught my fancy and that is because of the arguements I hear when am around their fans especially my colleagues at work.

These fans do not argue quietly; from the Uniteds, the Blues, the Gunners and the Liverpools- It is either about their coaches, game plan, players purchased and all that creative game madness but ofcourse, It is uniting sport for Nigerians aside the fight I do not stand for.

Back to the Matter...It is no longer gist that the man who could not deliver the Premiere League Title to the United all over the world, David Moyes has been shown the exit door but what is news now is, 62 years old Van Gaal will be confirmed on wednesday as the new Coach of Manchester United...Gaal is the current Dutch National Manager and is already joined by Former Holland Striker, Patrick Kluivert.

I am not a football analyst even though I do enjoy the game to an extent and trust me, I had to do a lot of googling here and there for me to write a concise report about this but why all this aged men as coaches anyways? Is Ryan Giggs not younger or perhaps Gaal is more experienced...?

My question to all you noble United fans is that, Can Gaal bring back those glorious moment and days or you guys are just about to go down further...? By the way, Manchester United will be playing their final home game match against Hull on Tuesday and so far, they have won 18 matches, drew 6 and lost 12..So unlike the Manchester I knew that was handled by Veteran Coach, Alex Ferguson, who managed the team for 27 years...


I know what am writing about might not mean anything at all or infact what is the big deal..but flow with me in this ironical humor..Kerry Washington a.k.a Olivia Pope as popularly known in the well acclaimed Drama series- Scandals, Is married to a Nigerian, Nnamdi Asomugha and both are fully based in the United States.

We also have Tuface Idibia and Annie, who are both in the creative industry and based in Nigeria but my funny and weird twist here is the names given to the two respective baby girls..I do know that Annie's baby girl might have other list of names but they chose to stick with Olivia..just like the English name given to her first child Isabella...but Kerry and Nnamdi chose Isabelle Amarachi Asomugha for their baby girl.

Now, that is a well respected Nigerian Man who despite not in Nigeria has not exited his root from his assumed first fruit and am sure Kerry does not have a choice..Anyways, I just feel Annie's girls are too cute and pretty not to be called by a Nigerian name but what can we say, the father is addressed as Innocent and mother as Annie. Congratulations to these families anyways!


This is not another motivational link to a great love expedition but a feature film about four ambitious young women who will do what it takes to win their ultimate goal...another else's husband. This is a British Nollywood Film with a great modern story set in London brought to the screen with new talent, world class visuals and International standard original sound.

Marie Kumba Gomez, Sheyi Ajibola, Ronke Ogunmakin and Lorraine Stodel are femme fatales tired of the shrinking pool of mugus to reap off..They decide to up their game by taking up a new racket-get married, get divorced, take half!. Unfortunately, With so many men in England to hesitant to walk down the aisle, they decide they have to choose the easiest target, those who have been caught before, the married ones!

Tapiwa Madovi, Amour Owolabi, Orwi Imanuel Ameh and Nosa Igbinedion are unwitting (though some what willing) hubbies who get caught up in girls' runs whilst UK Big Brother 5 Star, Victor Ebuwa is the powerful gang leader who finds his achilles' heal in Aisha (Sheyi Ajibola).

This is Yinka Idowu's first full length feature and he is well known as a creative Photographer/Music video Director, who has now turned to a Film Maker.

Hunting 4 Hubbies is set to premiere in London this summer and Its really a breath of fresh air..This movie was shot for about 5 weeks and I had a chat with Orwi Imanuel Ameh who featured in the movie, this is what he had to say has an endorsement - "Its a very special project for me and a lot of the cast and crew were first timers when we made this film. I am proud of what we collectively achieved and the production value of the film is just superb".

Friday, 2 May 2014


Do you recall back in the days when you actually purchase a reggae album and by all means the content is so rich and really tastes Reggae or a Juju Album..and by all means we actually know where each recording act stands but today, the story is different. I manage to stand with Tuface who is a Pop Artiste from all indications but there are several others who have no idea what genre they sing about.

Have you watched an interview with an artiste and his being asked what genre he sings- He says a bit of everything..I am sorry but that is completely out of context..When we see Jay Z, He is an Hip Hop Act, Emile Sande is a Soul/Neo-Soul, Mikky Ekko is Alternative/pop and so many more but the fact that you could sound like John Legend a bit does not endorse you or your album as Rhythm and Blues.

It is a simple logic-If an Hip Hop Act wants to have a feel of R and B on his album, simply seek the experience of an act by doing some collaboration or any other genre that fits into your tracks but the Up and Coming Acts are like the most guilty, even though some popular ones are taking dives into the loud zone they call Hip Hop in their own context..I begin to wonder why Praize is edging into that area and Yemi Alade too...Are they bored of their genres or the money is not rolling in well.?

I quite appreciate the Nigerian Hip Hop culture with the Afrobeat fusion but the fact is that I get pissed when Artistes say I do a blend of Rap/Hip Hop/R and B/Afrobeat...Does it make sense and that is why the industry is not well structured in terms of talent management..and also why we hear the same beat, tunes and lyrics everyday..My ears are full actually and I see us going back to the roots when the Hippie dictionary of lyrics is used up..

The improper placement or Non Availability of Genre has also created a very awkward situation during Award nominations, whereby some artistes are given too much credit on several genres..and when you track your mind back to such a song...You find nothing..My thoughts.


Her name is Azeezat Sadiq, winner of the very first edition of Amstel Malta Box Office in 2005..She is a perfect creative craft of Genevieve Nnaji and her delivery is just smooth..and not forgetting that she actually looks like Genny...Azeezat featured in the Award winning Movie, Sitanda,  as her huge benefit of winning the Reality Show..She was also a major cast in the BBC produced drama series about HIV AIDS, Wetin Dey, which aired on the Network Service of NTA and she also graced various magazine covers, alongside her acting prowess.

Pretty and Talented Zeeza zoomed off to the United Kingdom to concentrate on her musical career but not so much as been heard as regards her acting career..I had the opportunity of getting in touch with her and would definitely want to know her thoughts as regards acting since she is well taken for Genevieve Nnaji in all its definitions. She plans to return to the country soon before the end of the year and yes, She has some unreleased Movie Projects and that means she has not ended that creative part of her..

Thursday, 1 May 2014


I have been visiting various cinemas in Lagos for some time now and the feeling differs from one entertainment outfit to another...It is not part of me to visit cinemas on public holidays because the patronage on such days is like a Christmas carnival but fortunately for my wallet, I found myself around that environment on the 1st of May, which is Workers' Day..and I decided to flow with my instincts by having a little cool time.

I visited several websites of these cinemas to see their schedules and how I can fit in and so, I stumbled on The Amazing Spider Man Part 2...I was so excited and my spirit was very high, as I hurried to this popular cinema to purchase a ticket and also meet the viewing time for 16.00 GMT, which is 4.00PM in Lagos, Nigeria...Now, I actually got there at 3.20PM and so, I had to wait for 40 minutes before we get to view the Amazing Spider which eventually turned to an Amazing disaster.

At 4.00PM, we were informed that the precise hall was still being used and so, we have to wait for about 15 Minutes before we go in..By this time, my pack of popcorn was already halfway the tunnel..We got into the hall at about 4.20PM and anxiously waiting for the lights to go out and behold the loud audio tunes coming from the wall but alas, little did we know that we actually paid to listen to several hit songs from Naija and warm their seats.

We actually waited for an hour before a guy addressed us and said they are sorry but Amazing Spider Man 2 is not available but we have the opportunity to view another movie or perhaps get our refund..I later got an info from a friend that SpiderMan 2 was not releasing today but why make us go through the stress but I did not waste time in presenting my half ticket in exchange for my 2000 Naira...Yes, Am surprised just like you...two-thaaasand(two thousand) for Amazing things.

I am sure some of you might figure out the precise Cinema am talking about because Its actually known for drama most times; scheduled time delay and all that...It was a total error for me and It is a very great lesson...and I did drop the rest of the popcorn any ways.


When someone says he or she is fulfilled, do not be in haste to take a dive into their financial stream; perhaps, they actually meant having a total satisfaction in what they do..Okechukwu Uzoeshi is no stranger in the creative world and do not be fooled  by the looks..Okey is a very principled individual who is not clouded by the celebrity status or having a mention in Wikipedia..Yes, I was surprised to find a write up about him on Wikipedia.

Actually, the Make-Believe Industry in Nigeria is a serious business when you carefully understand what these people are going through; Locations, Meetings, Press Interviews, Rehearsals and so much more but I managed to get answers to the questions I prepared for Mr Okechukwu, amidst his busy schedules...Do not wake up that hate spirit in you..Am sure we all are like that because I know some very average people who screen calls. Okey granted my request because he knows the value of every press Interview.

I have seen two movies Okey featured in- Two Brides and A Baby and Alan Poza, This graduate of Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri truly loves what he does and he is happy about it..He actually attests to this with much confidence and pride because the responses have been positive so far..and who really has the time to sob on negativity when you know your creative craft can pay your bills and give you that comfortable life.
This native of Imo State is an all round entertainer who started his journey into fame as far back as 2000; Okey is an Actor, Musician and A Model. He was part of the now defunct boy band, G-Xploits, with two singles that reached the number one spot on all radio and television charts but ofcourse, my interview with him is not about G-Xploits but the talented personality behind Okechukwu Uzoeshi and his accomplishment so far in the industry...He actually acknowledged the fact that everything going on with the band then was a collaborative effort; pitching ideas, lyrics and harmony was a joint effort.

This Amstel Malta Box Office 2 contestants admits that nothing is simple when it comes to his career and categorically stated that his music career is not suffering because he still visits the studio to record songs but acting is just where he is presently and he can only focus on one thing at a time. This award winning Nigerian has always been art inclined and enjoyed music theory since when he was younger..and still younger because looks matter these days in Nollywood.

Okey is a very balanced being because he takes every appointment seriously and that includes going to bed at the right time..He does not get carried away easily; All of these he has accomplished so far as a human effort and his level of spirituality.

Aside all the glamour surrounding the life of this young man, One might ponder on whether he nurses the ambition of giving back to society but he proved me wrong because he has a couple of projects laid out but would reach public knowledge at the appropriate hour- He says ''Every step to giving back to society is between me, the society and God''.

We can only keep our fingers crossed and watch this respected talented individual attain that height of making his name an household name...