Sunday, 25 May 2014


We call it our own Oscars...African Movie Academy Awards..An Academy were laurels are given to students and teachers of the Movie Industry..We have a selected best and certainly, someone has to top the class..The 10th anniversary and edition of the Awards held this Saturday at Bayelsa State with winners emerging in various categories...As you know, without being a predictive demon of failure, such an event cannot come to pass without issues here and there, physical, technical or human.

Let me start by saying that quite a number of the winners were worth deserving and that shows that the standard and quality of reward is taken into consideration as the year comes.Let me take a quick observation at Veteran Actor, Richard Mofe Damijo, He was trimmed..Is it for the movies, health or general body fitness?..He looked early 40s. Rita Dominic seems to have added some weight but still beautiful and never disappoints on the dance floor and President of the Actors' Guild of Nigeria, Ibinabo Fiberesima caught my attention with her wine colour gown and a radiant skin tone.

To the music performances of the night, One Act that will always earn my respect is Timi Dakolo, from his short dedication to Late Amaka Igwe to his one nation song, A song worth endorsing as our national anthem..It was emotional and got a lot of people rising on their feet and waving their hands to the glory of Nigeria..but the producers of the show disappointed me by dropping the climax after Timi's Song..and am still looking forward to the day some balls like this would have artistes perform without jumping off to the crowd..

Another common issue with our events is the lighting and sound..They give your event a touch of life but am not sure we are concerned about have situations were the audio jacks up and down..I might be wrong but do we really need such a club disco kind of light at such a historic gathering of laurels..It is not a concert...Anyways, congratulations to all the winners...Am done here