Saturday, 3 May 2014


I am not a football fan in the definition of owning a club jersey, getting updates on my phone, buying sport papers and most dramatic of all, standing by the road side on a Monday morning to argue out my brains in defence of a team that has never considered me on their pay roll for being a fan...but ask me to sit for a full Nigerian game..Am all for it but the English Premiere League has always caught my fancy and that is because of the arguements I hear when am around their fans especially my colleagues at work.

These fans do not argue quietly; from the Uniteds, the Blues, the Gunners and the Liverpools- It is either about their coaches, game plan, players purchased and all that creative game madness but ofcourse, It is uniting sport for Nigerians aside the fight I do not stand for.

Back to the Matter...It is no longer gist that the man who could not deliver the Premiere League Title to the United all over the world, David Moyes has been shown the exit door but what is news now is, 62 years old Van Gaal will be confirmed on wednesday as the new Coach of Manchester United...Gaal is the current Dutch National Manager and is already joined by Former Holland Striker, Patrick Kluivert.

I am not a football analyst even though I do enjoy the game to an extent and trust me, I had to do a lot of googling here and there for me to write a concise report about this but why all this aged men as coaches anyways? Is Ryan Giggs not younger or perhaps Gaal is more experienced...?

My question to all you noble United fans is that, Can Gaal bring back those glorious moment and days or you guys are just about to go down further...? By the way, Manchester United will be playing their final home game match against Hull on Tuesday and so far, they have won 18 matches, drew 6 and lost 12..So unlike the Manchester I knew that was handled by Veteran Coach, Alex Ferguson, who managed the team for 27 years...