Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Two years after Babalola Gabriel, Also known as Bigiano declared a come back..I do not seem to have noticed anything..Personally, I always sing along any time I hear lyrics and beats of Shayo, His hit song and I was thirsty for more but alas, It is a common phenomena in Nigeria to see Movie and Music Artiste swing in and out of the Industry..and some do hide under the ''searching for greener pastures syndrome'' and what happens at such a pasture....?

All of a sudden, they return back home with a press release aided by some people who call themselves entertainment Journalists who have no constructive motive about what they are writing about..Anyway, As I was saying...These Music stars like they address themselves return home to sing about the excesses of the government, Youth empowerment et al...good motive but perhaps, If you had started a career from that perspective, I would take you more seriously for one...

We hear repositioning brand everyday by Artistes who sojourn to the US, UK, and anywhere money grows in Europe..Fantastic but funny enough, they also return to do collaborations with people with the hit new wonders like Wizkid, Davido and so on...Interesting!

Does Bigiano still has a seat in the Music parliament where the representatives are so large in number...? It is not about just a re-branding but If such an artiste is still relevant to the development of the industry vis a vis his musical talent...I will certainly wish you the best but remember you cannot eat your cake and have it..