Saturday, 31 May 2014


With a journey into the make-believe business in 2004, Aniekan Iyoho has not looked back. Its been 10 years of challenges, commitment and optimism but I guess no one can kill his fire right now. He is an actor and a voice-over artiste, hence, call him a versatile creative individual.

As usual, every actor must have their views about the industry but for Ani, He says It is challenging since it entails you living out a character, having to deal with the publicity that comes with it, sleepless night shoots, the skill of remembering your lines alongside the gestures and remunerations..but above all of these, what comes next is a defining success and that's what keeps Ani going on - the love of the job.

His choice of words are similar to that of a mentor, psychologist or a motivational speaker and he owns every one he uses for every answer he gave me,however, he feels there is so much that needs to be corrected in the industry; the storyline, aesthetics, marketing/distribution, film education, lack of agents for actors, sponsorship and so on..I do believe these are familiar issues affecting Nollywood for quite some time now.

He described his experience back in 2004 as horrid but truly what more can we expect a beginner to encounter; auditions that never led anywhere and issues of ethnicity were just few of the headaches this native of Akwa Ibom had to bear...but he says, he will always be grateful to Dickson Dzakpasu, an experienced director who has recommended him to other great producers and directors including the Award Winning Director of Potomanto, Shirley Frimpong Manso, A Ghanaian Film producer, writer and director. Ani as you know got an AMAA nomination in the Best actor in a supporting role category for same movie-Potomanto.

Is there really any magic to ones career development. this is no ''juju'' but true commitment to what you love doing. Ani draws inspiration from lots of very good actors both local and international and his being mentored by preachers, motivational teachers and I smell a level of spirituality?...absolute Yes and truthfully, he says the bible is the only book he knows that always has something new to offer every time he reads it, which I presume is the same ideology with quite a few of us.

Ani did not stumble into the movie world by error, rather, seems more like he was ordained for that purpose from the very beginning; he joined the choir at age 7 and a few years later, joined an acting group in Church, which led to him being addressed as a pastor, singer, a comedian and Yes, an actor..It is very obvious and If you think Ani is more of a serious minded being, may I notify you that he loves to swim, read, play video games, visits the beach and Jazz bars and quite addicted to watching cartoons.

For those of you who desire and crave to be successful in Nollywood, he emphasizes that network and relationship building is of great value, develop your acting skills, desire to learn more stuff (by which he meant knowing something about everything), be confident, eloquent, like-ability and a good character is important.