Saturday, 3 May 2014


This is not another motivational link to a great love expedition but a feature film about four ambitious young women who will do what it takes to win their ultimate goal...another else's husband. This is a British Nollywood Film with a great modern story set in London brought to the screen with new talent, world class visuals and International standard original sound.

Marie Kumba Gomez, Sheyi Ajibola, Ronke Ogunmakin and Lorraine Stodel are femme fatales tired of the shrinking pool of mugus to reap off..They decide to up their game by taking up a new racket-get married, get divorced, take half!. Unfortunately, With so many men in England to hesitant to walk down the aisle, they decide they have to choose the easiest target, those who have been caught before, the married ones!

Tapiwa Madovi, Amour Owolabi, Orwi Imanuel Ameh and Nosa Igbinedion are unwitting (though some what willing) hubbies who get caught up in girls' runs whilst UK Big Brother 5 Star, Victor Ebuwa is the powerful gang leader who finds his achilles' heal in Aisha (Sheyi Ajibola).

This is Yinka Idowu's first full length feature and he is well known as a creative Photographer/Music video Director, who has now turned to a Film Maker.

Hunting 4 Hubbies is set to premiere in London this summer and Its really a breath of fresh air..This movie was shot for about 5 weeks and I had a chat with Orwi Imanuel Ameh who featured in the movie, this is what he had to say has an endorsement - "Its a very special project for me and a lot of the cast and crew were first timers when we made this film. I am proud of what we collectively achieved and the production value of the film is just superb".