Thursday, 1 May 2014


I have been visiting various cinemas in Lagos for some time now and the feeling differs from one entertainment outfit to another...It is not part of me to visit cinemas on public holidays because the patronage on such days is like a Christmas carnival but fortunately for my wallet, I found myself around that environment on the 1st of May, which is Workers' Day..and I decided to flow with my instincts by having a little cool time.

I visited several websites of these cinemas to see their schedules and how I can fit in and so, I stumbled on The Amazing Spider Man Part 2...I was so excited and my spirit was very high, as I hurried to this popular cinema to purchase a ticket and also meet the viewing time for 16.00 GMT, which is 4.00PM in Lagos, Nigeria...Now, I actually got there at 3.20PM and so, I had to wait for 40 minutes before we get to view the Amazing Spider which eventually turned to an Amazing disaster.

At 4.00PM, we were informed that the precise hall was still being used and so, we have to wait for about 15 Minutes before we go in..By this time, my pack of popcorn was already halfway the tunnel..We got into the hall at about 4.20PM and anxiously waiting for the lights to go out and behold the loud audio tunes coming from the wall but alas, little did we know that we actually paid to listen to several hit songs from Naija and warm their seats.

We actually waited for an hour before a guy addressed us and said they are sorry but Amazing Spider Man 2 is not available but we have the opportunity to view another movie or perhaps get our refund..I later got an info from a friend that SpiderMan 2 was not releasing today but why make us go through the stress but I did not waste time in presenting my half ticket in exchange for my 2000 Naira...Yes, Am surprised just like you...two-thaaasand(two thousand) for Amazing things.

I am sure some of you might figure out the precise Cinema am talking about because Its actually known for drama most times; scheduled time delay and all that...It was a total error for me and It is a very great lesson...and I did drop the rest of the popcorn any ways.