Sunday, 18 May 2014


The phrase ''Don't judge a book by its cover'' is not strange to many of us but how well do we understand that statement because quite a number of us conclude about people from the first words of their mouth or by checking out if they are wearing labels or the best of charm..Ok! I had an encounter with a Lagos Agbero-these are guys who scout for passengers at most bus stops in the Lagos Metropolis.

Personally, I do not see any interesting thing about these guys because they are rough, rude, ruthless and quite damaging, and so, most transporters are usually frustrated about their activities because they destroy vehicle parts but what can we do..We hear they contribute to the economy of Lasgidi, Anyways..I was on my way to work recently and I was approached by a young guy whom seems quite my age or slightly older..He started praising me and begged for my financial assistance, with some respect and regard for me.

I was in a good mood that morning and so I told him to keep working and I will get back to him before boarding a bus..and so, I checked inside my wallet and brought out a Fifty Naira Note and gave it to him just as I was approaching a bus..This is what he said back- Hey bro, thank you so much, I am most grateful and do have a nice day...

Now, You might say what is the big deal about that...there is lots of deal actually...He never wore the best of clothes, looked really unkept and not sure If he had his bath that day but the fact that he told me to have a nice day is quite an extreme gesture...How many educated and civil people tell you to have a nice day, either over a phone call or a face-to-face meeting?

Prior before that day, I usually see him with other tough looking guys acting quite like what we call them and that means I have painted him a certain way but after that day, I had to readjust my thoughts about his person..He has a life just like me..He has a purpose, eventhough, he might not seem on that path now and most importantly, he has an average level of education...''Never Judge an Agbero by what you see or hear''.

He approached me the following day and said thank you once again..I know we do not have to open a book sometimes to give an insight about its content but just make it an habit to go through the introduction, prologue or even the first chapter..there are surprises waiting therein..