Friday, 2 May 2014


Do you recall back in the days when you actually purchase a reggae album and by all means the content is so rich and really tastes Reggae or a Juju Album..and by all means we actually know where each recording act stands but today, the story is different. I manage to stand with Tuface who is a Pop Artiste from all indications but there are several others who have no idea what genre they sing about.

Have you watched an interview with an artiste and his being asked what genre he sings- He says a bit of everything..I am sorry but that is completely out of context..When we see Jay Z, He is an Hip Hop Act, Emile Sande is a Soul/Neo-Soul, Mikky Ekko is Alternative/pop and so many more but the fact that you could sound like John Legend a bit does not endorse you or your album as Rhythm and Blues.

It is a simple logic-If an Hip Hop Act wants to have a feel of R and B on his album, simply seek the experience of an act by doing some collaboration or any other genre that fits into your tracks but the Up and Coming Acts are like the most guilty, even though some popular ones are taking dives into the loud zone they call Hip Hop in their own context..I begin to wonder why Praize is edging into that area and Yemi Alade too...Are they bored of their genres or the money is not rolling in well.?

I quite appreciate the Nigerian Hip Hop culture with the Afrobeat fusion but the fact is that I get pissed when Artistes say I do a blend of Rap/Hip Hop/R and B/Afrobeat...Does it make sense and that is why the industry is not well structured in terms of talent management..and also why we hear the same beat, tunes and lyrics everyday..My ears are full actually and I see us going back to the roots when the Hippie dictionary of lyrics is used up..

The improper placement or Non Availability of Genre has also created a very awkward situation during Award nominations, whereby some artistes are given too much credit on several genres..and when you track your mind back to such a song...You find nothing..My thoughts.