Thursday, 1 May 2014


When someone says he or she is fulfilled, do not be in haste to take a dive into their financial stream; perhaps, they actually meant having a total satisfaction in what they do..Okechukwu Uzoeshi is no stranger in the creative world and do not be fooled  by the looks..Okey is a very principled individual who is not clouded by the celebrity status or having a mention in Wikipedia..Yes, I was surprised to find a write up about him on Wikipedia.

Actually, the Make-Believe Industry in Nigeria is a serious business when you carefully understand what these people are going through; Locations, Meetings, Press Interviews, Rehearsals and so much more but I managed to get answers to the questions I prepared for Mr Okechukwu, amidst his busy schedules...Do not wake up that hate spirit in you..Am sure we all are like that because I know some very average people who screen calls. Okey granted my request because he knows the value of every press Interview.

I have seen two movies Okey featured in- Two Brides and A Baby and Alan Poza, This graduate of Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri truly loves what he does and he is happy about it..He actually attests to this with much confidence and pride because the responses have been positive so far..and who really has the time to sob on negativity when you know your creative craft can pay your bills and give you that comfortable life.
This native of Imo State is an all round entertainer who started his journey into fame as far back as 2000; Okey is an Actor, Musician and A Model. He was part of the now defunct boy band, G-Xploits, with two singles that reached the number one spot on all radio and television charts but ofcourse, my interview with him is not about G-Xploits but the talented personality behind Okechukwu Uzoeshi and his accomplishment so far in the industry...He actually acknowledged the fact that everything going on with the band then was a collaborative effort; pitching ideas, lyrics and harmony was a joint effort.

This Amstel Malta Box Office 2 contestants admits that nothing is simple when it comes to his career and categorically stated that his music career is not suffering because he still visits the studio to record songs but acting is just where he is presently and he can only focus on one thing at a time. This award winning Nigerian has always been art inclined and enjoyed music theory since when he was younger..and still younger because looks matter these days in Nollywood.

Okey is a very balanced being because he takes every appointment seriously and that includes going to bed at the right time..He does not get carried away easily; All of these he has accomplished so far as a human effort and his level of spirituality.

Aside all the glamour surrounding the life of this young man, One might ponder on whether he nurses the ambition of giving back to society but he proved me wrong because he has a couple of projects laid out but would reach public knowledge at the appropriate hour- He says ''Every step to giving back to society is between me, the society and God''.

We can only keep our fingers crossed and watch this respected talented individual attain that height of making his name an household name...