Sunday, 18 May 2014


The Modelling Industry in Nigeria is one that is not particularly well structured but still, quite a few are still having their way with contracts. We cannot exclude the fact that there are amazing men and women who have groomed theirselves well enough to represent brands across the continent and yet, there is a great issue with renumeration.

In a recent chat with Seun Ogunseye, He bears his mind about the Industry and his career. Seun describes himself as an average Nigerian Youth with a drive to succeed, He loves God and believes family is everything. With 5 years of Experience, He is still forging ahead and he operates on a freelance level due to the fact that the agencies do not handle models properly.

I had to ask him about the challenges going on in the Industry because we might just assume that models are leaving a fabulous life with the cheques, clothes, balls, partying, trips and all of that but there are issues with the structure system for models, the management of models, poor renumeration, breach of contract just to mention a few, some of which he has experienced personally.
Aside the fact that runway fashion does not pay much, Seun does not go for castings any more because he gets direct jobs now and proudly says that his job speaks well enough for him as a PR to get other jobs. When you do not find him sweating it out on a photo shoot or strolling down a run way, He must be hanging out with friends or deeply listening to music by Seal or Brian McKnight.

On his personal ordeal with a breach of contract, Seun says he threatened with a Lawyer but after finding out they will not be able to pay, He had to let go..He emphasized that Model Management should be top priority in the Industry. There are three things involved to be in the Industry despite the whole challenges- confidence, good looks and physique, aside these, every model should be punctual, easy to work with and a good public relations.

Seun Ogunleye affirms that Modelling is the best thing that has happened to him..the time, the runway and the camera.