Saturday, 31 May 2014


Have you ever been in an argument and you where this close to driving home your point before the non-constructive opponent of yours interrupted you without a red flag?..Do these opponents really make sense after all...? Now, these scenarios also occur on most day time Television talk shows..I have not had the chance to do this but I do know am guilty of it when am having an heated discussion with someone or a group of people..

It is now an habit on television to see presenters battling out their views or questions by interrupting their guests or a co-host...What happened to allowing people finish their view or question, I quite understand that of the guest because you are running against air time by allowing a free random moment of expression on a particular topic but what say ye about co-presenters who also interrupt themselves without courtesy and manners.

Its quite funny when some presenters cut their co-host and end up stating the same question in a different perspective, call it choice of words perhaps but Its more like there is a battle of ''who the crown fits more''..It makes no sense and I had to take time out to observe some television presenters and those I found guilty of the act are the less intelligent..

If you both prepared for a talk show, you can share the questions amongst yourselves, rather than battle yourself for superiority before your guest..they might just see you both as shallow minded...and seriously, TV Presentation is a very serious have to be cautious of so many things and I do not mean you fake mannerisms but be mindful of some characters and attitudes that mind interpret you as uncultured.