Sunday, 25 May 2014


I have never been a fan of arguing matters of Christianity with people because there is a difference in doctrine and the mission of how faith is interpreted but what we cannot overemphasize is the existence of a supreme being who controls the universe- God..Where am I heading to..? and by the way, This is not a sermon but an exposition into what I understand by The Church from the Nigerian perspective.

I grew up understanding the essence of waking up as early as 6.30AM to prepare for a Sunday Service..For those of you who know the operandi of most Orthodox Churches, Services are usually of two phases and language; usually English and Yoruba or Igbo..Well, please almost there...Today, there are Churches right at your door step, It is actually not a bad thing if we understand the true essence of spreading the gospel for everyone to hear but what has emerged from that - several doctrines and systems have emerged.

I actually know that the Church is made up of people but that is not what we are practising,..Why do we go to church; Is it because of the Pastor, Choir, Free Food, Contract jobs, fanciful structure or system of hanging out with duties that seemed like service to you...I believe It is about people...I recently witnessed a situation where an usher of a church was in a heat of argument with a worshipper for sitting outside..From all indications, that is a Church system..Is that how to convince someone who had a grace of coming down to Church, to go inside..Who cares about rules in the House of God, A place where all and sundry are welcomed...The only rule is coming with your heart in purity before his presence and hear from him even if its a minute of your time...

Let us not get carried away with the structure, the beautiful atmosphere and at the same time, let us welcome everyone, anyone into the House of God..even with a seat right at the front..Do not be selective..The Church is about people not a system or a structure...Wit an income of even 5,000 Naira, you should be privilege to worship happily and not miserably in a Church because It is about you and not what you earn.