Monday, 30 June 2014


The Super Eagles of Nigeria flew to the Rumba nation against all odds and opinion by the their people, media and government...Majority of us never saw the chances of landing at the finale pitch but we never stopped to buy a bottle of beer and watch all their matches, including a decisive one against France..I sat with my colleagues at work to watch this match and we ordered what I will call local appetizer..I meant fried yam and ponmo(skin of a cow I presume).

Back to the matter...What made us think we could defeat France?...Our everyday prayer for a team that lacks the determination, spirit, zeal and technical jargon's?. Watch the movie, 300 and see how people fight for glory just like the Americans, the Ghananians and some others...I am not the best of a football analyst..I actually might be lost when you ask me what playing seven or ten is but trust me, I do know what a defender or midfielder is..that brings me to Mikel Obi, He was apparently absent from that match...what exactly happened to the highly rated Chelsea glory?

Stephen Keshi has done his best but was it good enough, and perhaps, this might not be the actual team list he had in mind because politics has taken a centre place in everything we do as Nigerians..and so, he resigns but bros, just go back peacefully to your family and perhaps, Mikel should apply next...I said Mikel right?

The glory of the latter days shall be greater than the former...Vincent Enyeama in the past was not quite a goal keeper of choice but his contribution at this world cup is quite historic, he saved for glory and whether he quits or not, his name will never be forgotten..I say the best man that gave us some pride...Well, the Africans have ended their quest and Algeria actually scored against Germany even though they loss but we never scored any goal..All na story I guess but let us just welcome them back in good faith and perhaps, we are going back to the drawing board again..which by now, should be filled up with so many jargons..?

Saturday, 28 June 2014


Nigerian Gospel Act, Kenny Saint Brown intends to look into prostitution as a legislator at the next dispensation..How about a foundation that will help prostitutes or use your vocal talent to pass a message across? Well, It is a good step anyway but we do not know If she will run at the local, state or Federal level. Kenny has been concerned about the activities of prostitutes around Onigbongbo Local government area of Lagos which is close to her residence.

In a recent interview, Kenny St.Brown says the increase has gone up by almost 1000% and there has to be a change and I believe If every Legislator takes up one social issue for each of their term...things might be better in Nigeria and Kenny feels strongly about her quest...Time will tell but please, I think you should start from your community or perhaps, go to your state of origin and take off from there, that is the trend in politics these days..everyone seems to be running home!


Nigerian Gospel Singer, Kefee who died on June 13 due to a lung failure after 15 days in coma at the Desert Spring Hospital, Las Vegas would be flown to Nigeria for the funeral rites but some of us must have wondered about the delay for her remains to return...Recent reports indicates that Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan of Delta State settled the bills while the singer stayed at the hospital and every other bill needed for the return of her corpse to Nigeria.

I am concerned about my nation in so many ways, we spend a lot to travel and in situations like this, the dead is even stranded to return home...Now, It is the intervention of her state governor that settles everything...meanwhile, her husband, Don-Momoh would have to return first before receiving his late wife..She will be buried at her home town, Sapele, Delta State.


Jimi Ogunlaja is a South African based Nigerian Model with over 10 years of experience as a commercial and runway model. In a recent chat with him, he bares his mind about what makes him unique...From a Virgin Atlantic campaign at Ikeja, Lagos in 2003, this fun loving and jovial Dancehall fan took off his career in modelling and has not retired since then, rather, he has gone ahead to impact aspiring models across the globe.

Jimi says his philosophy of life is Live, Love and Laugh..and all of these can be reflected in the way he carries himself around people, he also adds that it is important for models to be professionals, humble, original and confident everywhere they find themselves, especially at their job. This graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago iwoye, Ogun State experienced a boarding school at age 3 while in the Nursery class..I say the beginning of being independent which some parents might find awkward but we can see the outcome today for Jimi..
Jimi Ogunlaja runs Jimisterio Catwalk Academy and recently finished a course on Television Presentation and Vocal Training for Radio at the City Varsity, Cape Town, South Africa..there's always room for more he says despite the level of his fulfillment and has fond memories of meeting great creative and talented artistes and producers across the world...
Every career is worth it, a shoe cobbler, a tailor, a it...its all about making an impact in what you do..make the best of shoes, sew the best of dresses and Jimi walks boldly, edgy and confident in any outfit..


I have to say that whenever you see Iretiola Doyle, Bimbo Manuel, Joseph Benjamin and Monalisa Chinda in a movie, It is a must watch...Torn is a good movie with a lot of psychological treat. Credit must be given to Ireti Doyle for her delivery, she actually reminds me of Nse Ekpe Etim..I love when directors push actors to the extreme because it takes a lot of strength and experience to deliver roles in thrillers; moreso, a very delicate one at that..but as usual, there is always something to say about Naija movies.

Sometimes, our producers do not know how to conclude their stories and they end up giving us narrative statement; for example- Actor A finally got married to Actress D and their house maid was sentenced to 10 years inprisonment..Is that too hard to fix into the movie...?

Torn was well built but got slow along the line..some scenes were dragged for too long especially the climax of the movie..I must also commend Bimbo Manuel; He is one of the best craft in Drama; calm and confident..If you love thrillers, then you need to buy a copy of Torn...


Rukky Sanda is a fantastic Nollywood actress and as a producer, She knows how to spend the cash in getting some good hands in her Movie projects but their finishing is always my concern..a case peculiar to most home grown producers. I am not a crazy fan of Rukky but sometimes I just love to view some movies whenever I get a conviction from someone or perhaps I get touched by seeing a preview, which was the case of her movie, In Her Shoes.

In Her Shoes- great storyline, good cast but a poor character development from the local to the affluent life of the two major characters played by Rukky Sanda and Oge Okoye, perhaps Rukky should leave the directing of the movie to an experienced professional and an artistic director who would have helped create a better transition from one phase of life to another.

Yemi Blag actually gave a good interpretation to his own character and as usual, I always have an issue with how IK.Ogbonna acts because he exudes too much sexiness when delivering his roles and this overshadows the message; Acting is when you completely put aside your religious background, idealogy, sexiness, beauty, intelligence and completely put on a new person...The change of personality and accent in the their new found life was just so quick and became quite irritating for me...Did she watch Jenifa to see how long it took her to adjust to a new life...

In Her Shoes is actually not a new movie because I know quite a lot must have seen it but I hope my comments are not too late..

Thursday, 19 June 2014


Roli Bode-George, Wife of PDP Chieftain, Chief Bode George has been appointed by President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria has the new Director General of the Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency...Well, this might seem obvious that our dear president is compensating Chief Bode George for all what he has been through considering his status at the ruling party...but on the other hand, is this an office fit for Mrs. Bode George?

In the past, members of the Senate from Lagos were completely against the nomination of Roli as a member of the Population Commission, an issue that stirred controversy at the Senate..Is this the level our politics had reached now because I would love to know the criteria in selecting her as a new DG..I do hope she understands what her office entails, this is not about political party dramas or hate game..It is about service to your nation...

Sunday, 15 June 2014


Tuface Idibia and Daughter, Olivia Idibia
The picture speaks for not even speak..just watch and get inspired...Happy Fathers Day to all the men in Africa, Europe, Asia, America and all over...


The green and yellow color certainly gives a clue that this coach is for the Nigerian Railway...Would you still hold back your desire to board a train in Nigeria?



It all started with a dream, to being part of a theatre group in Lagos, and running away from Christ for 8 years; This is where the theatric journey of Hakeem Onilogbo started as he won souls for Christ with his inspirational soul lifting stage plays...This fat suit special effect is the first of its kind in Africa

What exactly can you do with 1000 Naira in this present economy?...absolutely nothing but guess what, it must have been an honour for Hakeem Onilogbo years back when he got paid for his contribution to an home video...Hakeem's home is like an Art Gallery; from the colors and pictures that are well arranged on the wall, It only proved he has an history of being a painter. Before my interview with him started, I was well attended to by his lovely wife and first child, unlike some other cuties who shy away at the presence of a strange face in their house, this little girl welcomed me with a smile...

36 year old Hakeem is a Nigerian from Abeokuta, Ogun State capital, studied Industrial Signage and Worked with the Advertising Agency for some time...he has created special effects for more than 60 movies since 2007 when he ventured into this creative arm of movie making and am sure you might be wondering where did he train, who mentored him and what does it take to be like him?..He does anything..I was thrilled myself when he showed me a surgical scene like what you see on Grey's Anatomy.

In 2007 when he converted from Islam to christianity, he had a dream where he got the revelation to his dream career, sounds weird right but you have no idea where that dream has led him today;  awards, happy marriage, good life and exposure...perhaps, we all need such dreams in our lives. Hakeem does not take on any job; He says it must be challenging because that is the only way he broadens his knowledge..Today, movie producers work with his schedule and not the other way round.

Hakeem joyfully thanked Oreofe Williams, Nollywood producer and Director, Ernest Obi and Actor, Jibola Dabo for their immense contribution to his career and the respective roles they played ..Oreofe Williams who produced ''Awo Jesu'' back then gave him the opportunity of acting and handling the make up..Ernest Obi nutured him to this stage and inspires him as a writer...By the way, his wife stayed all through this interview watching with joy has Hakeem expressed himself and did not hold back any story regarding his creative talent.

On a second thought, a scary part about his story was the various physical and spiritual threat he faced in the course of doing his first, he faced war with the yoruba genre as regards his uniqueness for 4 years, which actually led him to switch to the English/Igbo division of the Industry where he has been dazzling everyone with his craft but surprisingly, he narrated an ordeal that almost took his life during a production at Owerri, Imo State capital.

Professionally, Hakeem Effect Onilogbo is a unique brand because the likes of M-Net production, Action Movie Producer, Teco Benson have also caught the bug of his work..He draws extra inspiration from the likes of Josh Counsel, a special effect based in the United States and Edward Adams..Creativity comes from anything as Hakeem uses food supplements to achieve his effects. He got his first award in 2012; The Best Make up Artist from the Nigerian Film Critics Award in the U.S.A. He was also the Most Outstanding Crew 2010, courtesy of the National Association of Nigerian Theatre Art Practitioners for the movie LabaLaba produced by Deji Etiwe.

His job takes most of his time as he spends three days at home before travelling to a movie location. He has a plan of building a special make up and effect school where he will train men and women in that regard..While he was strolling back memory lane, his wife served us a perfect meal of a Yoruba home- Eba(made from Garri) and Ewedu Soup... the appearance of the meal was unavoidable for my stomach and so we had to take a break off the interview while we dealt with the meal.

It was 2 hours of wonderful tales and inspiration...a testimony of grass to grace..He says''many have tried following the trend of just acting including me but i had to venture into this part to be different'' and I must say he is very different...Hakeem listed about 5 movie titles he intends producing in the future. More images of his creative work...

Saturday, 14 June 2014


Former Executive Governor of Edo State between 1992 and 1993 during the aborted Nigerian Third Republic, John Oyegun has emerged as the first National Chairman of All Progressives Congress(APC). Many party faithfuls believe the choice of this Economist who is a Southerner and a Christian will silent the ruling party and some others who see the APC as an Islamic Organization...

However, the age is my concern...without disputing his wisdom, knowledge and intellectual capacity towards politics..can his body and age stand the drama, stress and uncertainty that comes with the present day politics in Nigeria?

Meanwhile, sources states that John Oyegun is a close ally of Senator Bola Tinubu, who happens to be a top frontier of the party nationwide...his major contender, former Governor of Bayelsa State, Timipre Sylva who will clock 50 next month had to step down for him.


Jay Paul of Rave Tv. met Nollywood Actor, Aaron Sunday at the just concluded African Movie Academy Awards 2014 at Bayelsa and scheduled him for an interview at their Lagos Studios as a guest on ''Celebrity Top Ten Countdown''.Rave TV is a new cable television owned by Inside Out Host, Agatha Amata and it will be launched next month.


If the intension of Nollywood Actor, Bob Manuel Udokwu was to get us talking, well, You did quite well but on the contrary, It does not connect in my head for you to dress this way to a funeral ceremony..and by the way, It is not just about the contrast in the choice of color but having a picture of a politician...What exactly is the intent here..Mourning or Campaigning?

I do not have a problem with his outfit but very inappropriate at such a gathering as this but I guess he is trying to pass a political message at all cost, anywhere, anytime...moreso, It is too bright a color for mourning such a talented woman..and someone might just ask, for what reason are we here..Amaka Igwe or the APGA man, as seen in this image?


How can we grow as a people or a nation when this is what our politicians are doing just to get our votes..Its like an employer finding his way into the skirt of a lady just to give her a job, even if she has a first class...Yes, our people might be weak and vulnerable but should they take advantage of that..This is a scene from Ekiti..a bowl of cooked rice which might not cost more than 200 Naira a plate...

Friday, 13 June 2014


RalphKrissLEE, KayswitchLEE, BangaLEE, PokoLEE and MossKrissLEE

D'Prince, Tiwa Savage, Dr Sid, Korede bello, Reekado Banks and DonJazzy
The Nigerian Music Industry is about to get ''dirty'' as KokoMaster, Dbanj has moved one step ahead to become a full Don of DB Records..but he will be called BangaLEE now..The LEE family is also having Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh as their first lady or the first Lady of BangaLEE..

Looking at the Mavin Records, Its no news that they are blessed with great artistes but let us relax, sit back and enjoy the game or is it a musical the way Lady PokoLEE is no match for Lady Savage...


Cute Olivia being held by sister Isabella

I came across Annie Idibia's two cute daughters; Olivia and Isabella, and could not help but post the picture and just before that, I was interacting with a friend about how good genes are important for determining how your child will look after birth..Tuface Idibia is definitely blessed with such wonderful genes and we can clearly see the outcome from three of his children here...No be small thing!..


After much drama at the ancient city of Kano, newly appointed Emir of Kano and former CBN Governor, His Royal Highness, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi finally moves into his palace...There were previous reports before he was staying at the government house but what will be will always be..Now, he can fully function as an Emir...and by the way, the government should allow him concentrate on this huge task before him and let sleeping dogs lie...


One of African leading concession store, Studio 29, owned by the organizers of the largest African fashion events ''African Fashion Week London'' and the just concluded ''African Fashion Week Nigeria'' brings the best vendors of quality African and Nigerian fashion brands including fashion and accessories designers, Make up artistes, beauticians and the finest fashion traders all under one roof for the first monthly African Fashion Week Concession Store Fair.

The fair is scheduled to hold on the 2nd of August, 2014 at the AFW Concession store located at Cottage drive, off Abeke Animawun street off Durosinmi Etti, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

The fair is committed to champoining the very best of exhibitors stocking key items for every taste and everyone's pocket whilst making it accessible for all. The fair also attracts industry figures including manufacturers, retailers, fashion buyers and more. For reservation and further details on the exhibition, kindly contact


In the spirit of the June 12 Celebrations which is assumed by a larger populace as the precise time to celebrate the spirit of democracy due to the contributions of Late Chief M.K.O Abiola who was contesting for the number one position in the country under the Social Democratic Party..I came across this video and It just brought back sweet memories as to how innocent our hearts were towards the electoral process back then..People were eager to vote, you do not need to buy their votes..It was sincere and historic!..MKO IS OUR MAN....

I really liked that era where we just had two major parties and similar to what operates at the United States of America, where they have the Democrats and the Republicans..How did we really end up at our present state?


Contrary to reports that Branama Queen and Award winning gospel act, Kefee was 6 months pregnant while onboard a flight to the United States and also had issues of pre-eclampsia which led to her being in coma for some time..Her U.K Manager has released a statement saying she died of Lung failure this morning, She was not pregnant...This is a very sad moment for the entire nation because we are yet to lay the remains of a Nollywood Icon, Amaka Igwe and the body of Former Nigerian Minister for Information, Professor Dora Akunyili just arrived the country for funeral rites...and this...Three outstanding women gone like that...

The social media is already busy with several people pouring out their hearts via words to her husband and family members for this great loss..It is a great loss because she was a very young active woman, wife and musician...May her soul rest in peace.


I watched a day time talk show and their topic of discussion was about the status called ''Celebrity'', in which they had Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe as a guest...there are several views on how Nigerians or the entire world views a celebrity. It is expected in a school of thought that celebrities must possess unquestionable characters, people of respect and honour..A viewer who called in did not hold back any thought as he expressed his distaste at how celebrities carry themselves in Nigeria; from dress sense, affluent life and many more...personally, I really do not care about your celebrity status but I ask who is really a celebrity?

This is Amarachi Uyanne, winner of Nigeria Got Talent Season 1, she defeated several talented grown ups to emerge winner and has gone ahead to shoot very lovely videos..Now, that is my celebrity, A child who is magical at a very young age..she will inspire several children across the continent, she will inspire parents to believe in their children...

This is also another definition of a celebrity, Cobhams Asuquo is widely known for producing most of the finest artistes we have around today and not forgetting his huge effort in the musical life of Asa(Bukola Elemide). May I remind you that this gentleman is physically impaired and that has never stopped him from contributing to the African Music Industry..
How well do you know this African woman who is a true definition of a success; Is it the fact that she is a married woman with four children or the fact that International government agency wants to be associated with her based on charity or the the fact that she is a successful actress..Presently, I will rather refer to her as an International Actress....You might ask, What is unique about all these?

Omotola Jalade Ekeinde is a United Nations World Food Programme Ambassador, going to missions in Sierra Leone and Liberia. She has an NGO-Omotola Youth Empowerment Programme;It brings youths together for an empowerment walk and convention and many other projects..Success does not come over night..take a look into her person and experience back in the days of mortal inheritance and you will know how far she has come..She is a celebrity!
Is it possible to draw a list of true celebrities without a mention of Funmi Iyanda..Personally, She is a mirror of humanity and draw a lot of inspiration watching her on television...If you really followed how her career started, you will understand why certain people are just special and are worth celebrated..Against any contrary opinion you might have..she is human and If she yells at you, It must be for a good reason because you do not expect  a plastic smile everytime because of her status...

I think I will stop here..I respect any choice you might have as to who is a celebrity..Being a top spender at every bar and lounge does not count on my list as a criteria for being a celebrity..Being the Alpha and Omega of Tweeter followers does not count either..If you cannot affect humanity positvely and leave hope in the life an average Nigerian, then you should check your celebrity status...


Have you been dreaming of becoming one of Nigeria's top Fashion designers, one known for piecing together well selected fabrics and rich embellishments to form beautiful breath-taking designs fit for people with style, taste, class and elegance? Here is an opportunity for you to win yourself a free scholarship to learn the art of dress making.

Valisimo Fashion School presents the VFS Dream Scholarship Award, to be a part of this awesome opportunity, simply visit, click on the terms and conditions, then click again to know if you are eligible for the scholarship. If you have confirmed that, then simply go ahead and register..You have until the 20th of June..before the offer closes.

For more enquiries, Visit Valisimo Fashions at 13, Yaya Abatan Rd, Ogba, Lagos or call 0809-657-7157

Thursday, 12 June 2014


I did not want to express my opinion over the signing of Tonto Dikeh to DB Records owned by Koko Master, D'Banj because It simply came across as a funny news but I had to pause and do some thinking..My conclusion was based on the fact that Tonto actually received a G-Wagon on her birthday which she shares with D'Banj and that was the same date she was signed...
I know its a common routine for Record Label Executives to give out posh cars to their latest music discovery..that I cannot say about Tonto but It might just be a way to welcome the Duchess of DB Records..Here is the tweet by Koko Master...and perhaps, Is there more to their new found bond?