Thursday, 12 June 2014


I am sure this gist is all over the social media but am taking a different route this time...There was a time I said the most terrible things about producers that embark on projects like this because they usually emerge wishy-washy but now I really do not see anything bad about it..If you really want to do a movie like this, why not produce a documentary where you can enact lots of stories surrounding this issue(by the way, most international movie awards like the Oscars do have a category for best documentary film...that is where Nollywood producers should focus this kind of project). I do know that quite a few would acquire these movies just to be entertained because It will not feed us with the true side of what is going on.

I would love to ask the producer(s)-What research was carried out before sitting down to come up with a screenplay, Was there any testimonies as regards this issue which served as a platform for their stories...I actually care less about how producers get inspired to create stories but I care more about what turns out from your inspiration; romance, action. your research very well before throwing anything at my face...If they do not have answers to my points, I guess Its a total waste of time and resources, Moreso that the girls have not been rescued.
If we recall that BlackBerry Babes was produced after so much hype amongst users of the phones especially the welfare of some ladies..We cannot forget that Four Boys was also produced after the brutal killing of four students at PortHarcourt(ALUU 4) and now, the abduction of the Chibok girls and comments from the First Lady has led to these movies...It is a very funny scenerio but would have made more sense if it is a documentary film and that can only be fulfilled when you have real testimonies to use as a platform.