Monday, 30 June 2014


The Super Eagles of Nigeria flew to the Rumba nation against all odds and opinion by the their people, media and government...Majority of us never saw the chances of landing at the finale pitch but we never stopped to buy a bottle of beer and watch all their matches, including a decisive one against France..I sat with my colleagues at work to watch this match and we ordered what I will call local appetizer..I meant fried yam and ponmo(skin of a cow I presume).

Back to the matter...What made us think we could defeat France?...Our everyday prayer for a team that lacks the determination, spirit, zeal and technical jargon's?. Watch the movie, 300 and see how people fight for glory just like the Americans, the Ghananians and some others...I am not the best of a football analyst..I actually might be lost when you ask me what playing seven or ten is but trust me, I do know what a defender or midfielder is..that brings me to Mikel Obi, He was apparently absent from that match...what exactly happened to the highly rated Chelsea glory?

Stephen Keshi has done his best but was it good enough, and perhaps, this might not be the actual team list he had in mind because politics has taken a centre place in everything we do as Nigerians..and so, he resigns but bros, just go back peacefully to your family and perhaps, Mikel should apply next...I said Mikel right?

The glory of the latter days shall be greater than the former...Vincent Enyeama in the past was not quite a goal keeper of choice but his contribution at this world cup is quite historic, he saved for glory and whether he quits or not, his name will never be forgotten..I say the best man that gave us some pride...Well, the Africans have ended their quest and Algeria actually scored against Germany even though they loss but we never scored any goal..All na story I guess but let us just welcome them back in good faith and perhaps, we are going back to the drawing board again..which by now, should be filled up with so many jargons..?