Monday, 2 June 2014


Waking up to the News that about 234 girls were allegedly abducted was worrisome for me initially, I used allegedly because I am yet to be convinced about it. So much drama has been going on since then; like the BringBackOurGirls tag flying around the world, even some of my friends caught the bug as they displayed a picture of theirselves with the tag on various social medium.

However, observing several television discussion programmes, I can conclude that a form of conspiracy is going on but who can we point fingers at-No one exactly but we are all under a leader; President Goodluck Jonathan and he is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, a responsibility that no one can question being the number one man in Naija.

He has made several presidential statements through his advisers and somehow, Nigerians are yet to be convinced but more confused about the whole issue. I recently watched ''This Morning'' on Television Continental, hosted by Yori Folarin(A veteran broadcaster) and I must say that the guests on the show held my attention throughout as they gave intelligent analyses on the issue at hand.

I had to share and accept the opinion of Dr. Ope Banwo, who says that we should ''BringOutTheMothers'' of the Chibok girls..Presently, Life in Chibok is quite normal like nothing happened and I ask, what exactly is the press feeding us with? If truly there was an abduction, where are the mothers..You can imagine how crazy a mother can go under such a circumstance...By the way, If you actuall fell for the fact that there is a forest around there..kill that notion today and let the mothers come out...