Thursday, 19 June 2014


Roli Bode-George, Wife of PDP Chieftain, Chief Bode George has been appointed by President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria has the new Director General of the Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency...Well, this might seem obvious that our dear president is compensating Chief Bode George for all what he has been through considering his status at the ruling party...but on the other hand, is this an office fit for Mrs. Bode George?

In the past, members of the Senate from Lagos were completely against the nomination of Roli as a member of the Population Commission, an issue that stirred controversy at the Senate..Is this the level our politics had reached now because I would love to know the criteria in selecting her as a new DG..I do hope she understands what her office entails, this is not about political party dramas or hate game..It is about service to your nation...