Sunday, 15 June 2014


It all started with a dream, to being part of a theatre group in Lagos, and running away from Christ for 8 years; This is where the theatric journey of Hakeem Onilogbo started as he won souls for Christ with his inspirational soul lifting stage plays...This fat suit special effect is the first of its kind in Africa

What exactly can you do with 1000 Naira in this present economy?...absolutely nothing but guess what, it must have been an honour for Hakeem Onilogbo years back when he got paid for his contribution to an home video...Hakeem's home is like an Art Gallery; from the colors and pictures that are well arranged on the wall, It only proved he has an history of being a painter. Before my interview with him started, I was well attended to by his lovely wife and first child, unlike some other cuties who shy away at the presence of a strange face in their house, this little girl welcomed me with a smile...

36 year old Hakeem is a Nigerian from Abeokuta, Ogun State capital, studied Industrial Signage and Worked with the Advertising Agency for some time...he has created special effects for more than 60 movies since 2007 when he ventured into this creative arm of movie making and am sure you might be wondering where did he train, who mentored him and what does it take to be like him?..He does anything..I was thrilled myself when he showed me a surgical scene like what you see on Grey's Anatomy.

In 2007 when he converted from Islam to christianity, he had a dream where he got the revelation to his dream career, sounds weird right but you have no idea where that dream has led him today;  awards, happy marriage, good life and exposure...perhaps, we all need such dreams in our lives. Hakeem does not take on any job; He says it must be challenging because that is the only way he broadens his knowledge..Today, movie producers work with his schedule and not the other way round.

Hakeem joyfully thanked Oreofe Williams, Nollywood producer and Director, Ernest Obi and Actor, Jibola Dabo for their immense contribution to his career and the respective roles they played ..Oreofe Williams who produced ''Awo Jesu'' back then gave him the opportunity of acting and handling the make up..Ernest Obi nutured him to this stage and inspires him as a writer...By the way, his wife stayed all through this interview watching with joy has Hakeem expressed himself and did not hold back any story regarding his creative talent.

On a second thought, a scary part about his story was the various physical and spiritual threat he faced in the course of doing his first, he faced war with the yoruba genre as regards his uniqueness for 4 years, which actually led him to switch to the English/Igbo division of the Industry where he has been dazzling everyone with his craft but surprisingly, he narrated an ordeal that almost took his life during a production at Owerri, Imo State capital.

Professionally, Hakeem Effect Onilogbo is a unique brand because the likes of M-Net production, Action Movie Producer, Teco Benson have also caught the bug of his work..He draws extra inspiration from the likes of Josh Counsel, a special effect based in the United States and Edward Adams..Creativity comes from anything as Hakeem uses food supplements to achieve his effects. He got his first award in 2012; The Best Make up Artist from the Nigerian Film Critics Award in the U.S.A. He was also the Most Outstanding Crew 2010, courtesy of the National Association of Nigerian Theatre Art Practitioners for the movie LabaLaba produced by Deji Etiwe.

His job takes most of his time as he spends three days at home before travelling to a movie location. He has a plan of building a special make up and effect school where he will train men and women in that regard..While he was strolling back memory lane, his wife served us a perfect meal of a Yoruba home- Eba(made from Garri) and Ewedu Soup... the appearance of the meal was unavoidable for my stomach and so we had to take a break off the interview while we dealt with the meal.

It was 2 hours of wonderful tales and inspiration...a testimony of grass to grace..He says''many have tried following the trend of just acting including me but i had to venture into this part to be different'' and I must say he is very different...Hakeem listed about 5 movie titles he intends producing in the future. More images of his creative work...