Saturday, 7 June 2014


Have you ever bought an expensive Ankara or Lace material for a very important function, only to be disappointed by the very person behind creating a fabric..considering the fact that you made a full payment? How frustrating can that be..This is the second time a Tailor would do that to me but the difference here is that I made the first event and did not attend this one.

My first experience was very funny because I had to dress up at the Tailor's Shop on the day of the function and that made me look like a model who was going for fitting just before strolling on the runway..I was quite upset but glad I made it but this time, I did not make the event and it felt quite bad because I was actually looking forward to showcase the creative work which I eventually collected at about 14.00hrs and not forgetting the heavy down pour at the location.

Where am I headed? I know quite a lot of us have one or two experiences with Lagos Tailors, some of whom flag around as Fashion Designers by buying every edition of Fashion Magazines across the city and convincing you with their sweet mouth to make you give a full payment, only to disappoint you at the last minute..Imagine a bride being disappointed before her wedding day or a bride's mum still yet to collect her expensive swiss lace for her daughter's wedding...?

Do you know that my disappointing Tailor requested for a tip saying he has spent more than required on my outfit..Buba and Sokoto..seriously..If you can meet up a deal, why sign an agreement in the first place..I care less about your creativity but commitment and sincerity is very key in human relationship and sometimes, I wonder who lies more..Tailors or Lawyers?