Saturday, 28 June 2014


Rukky Sanda is a fantastic Nollywood actress and as a producer, She knows how to spend the cash in getting some good hands in her Movie projects but their finishing is always my concern..a case peculiar to most home grown producers. I am not a crazy fan of Rukky but sometimes I just love to view some movies whenever I get a conviction from someone or perhaps I get touched by seeing a preview, which was the case of her movie, In Her Shoes.

In Her Shoes- great storyline, good cast but a poor character development from the local to the affluent life of the two major characters played by Rukky Sanda and Oge Okoye, perhaps Rukky should leave the directing of the movie to an experienced professional and an artistic director who would have helped create a better transition from one phase of life to another.

Yemi Blag actually gave a good interpretation to his own character and as usual, I always have an issue with how IK.Ogbonna acts because he exudes too much sexiness when delivering his roles and this overshadows the message; Acting is when you completely put aside your religious background, idealogy, sexiness, beauty, intelligence and completely put on a new person...The change of personality and accent in the their new found life was just so quick and became quite irritating for me...Did she watch Jenifa to see how long it took her to adjust to a new life...

In Her Shoes is actually not a new movie because I know quite a lot must have seen it but I hope my comments are not too late..