Saturday, 7 June 2014


Dayo Amusa is one of the most celebrated actress in Nollywood and certainly that confirms her as a victim of public gossip especially when it comes to their wardrobe or beauty malfunctions..Now, It is actually not our business what she does to her body..she owns it and she can do anything with it..Recently, there are gists going around saying she is bleaching and I ask..Is she actually bleaching from this image? By the way, Lupita has not changed her very dark tone...

Generally, I think some Nigerians should leave gossip to the Paparazzis but unfortunately, we do not have that radical professionals here in Naija who will give you candid clues if she is truly bleaching..Clues like What kind of skin products she has been using from the past to present..but all the same, I am also asking because Its also none of my business..But seriously, do they check out what is appropriate for their skin type or their money seems to freak them out to make illogical purchases at expensive stores..Well, I mind my business and I still love your acting skills anyday...check out these pictures