Saturday, 28 June 2014


I have to say that whenever you see Iretiola Doyle, Bimbo Manuel, Joseph Benjamin and Monalisa Chinda in a movie, It is a must watch...Torn is a good movie with a lot of psychological treat. Credit must be given to Ireti Doyle for her delivery, she actually reminds me of Nse Ekpe Etim..I love when directors push actors to the extreme because it takes a lot of strength and experience to deliver roles in thrillers; moreso, a very delicate one at that..but as usual, there is always something to say about Naija movies.

Sometimes, our producers do not know how to conclude their stories and they end up giving us narrative statement; for example- Actor A finally got married to Actress D and their house maid was sentenced to 10 years inprisonment..Is that too hard to fix into the movie...?

Torn was well built but got slow along the line..some scenes were dragged for too long especially the climax of the movie..I must also commend Bimbo Manuel; He is one of the best craft in Drama; calm and confident..If you love thrillers, then you need to buy a copy of Torn...