Monday, 28 July 2014


Except for those of you who are not deep necked into entertainment, It is no longer news that Alexandra Shipp will be playing the role of Late Aaliyah Haughton in the biopic movie about her life and career...Before now, 17 years Zendaya Coleman has been chosen but she opted out because of the production value..those were the words of a young Hollywood act, I guess her managers must be doing a lot of work...Zendaya says It was not about not being black or talented enough but can Alexandra Shipp also deliver? Looking at their resume, Zendaya does have an edge because she is a musician in her own right. She released a self-titled album in 2013.
Zendaya Coleman
The controversy is not just about these two actresses but It seems the family is not in good terms with the whole idea of the biopic movie..From Zendaya's end, she did try to contact Aaliyah's family and there were issues with the music rights and she felt Its not morally right to go ahead with the project...Meanwhile, Aaliyah's family feels her story deserves something bigger than a ''Made for TV'' treatment but a major studio release, also, the use of A-List Actors and Talents is needed to breathe life into her phenomenal story.

By the way, Reports have it that the family is not aware of the movie which will involve some executive producing from TV Star, Wendy Williams who stated that Aaliyah's music is not needed to tell her story; I have no idea how you will do such an epic project without involving her music, which was part of her life-that is a controversy already because her family is not approving her songs for the movie and Wendy Williams is apparently more interested in revealing scandalous memories of the music star, especially the alleged marriage to R.Kelly at the age of 15...Fingers crossed but I would really love to know what her life was really like asides music.


Australian Born Rapper, Iggy Azalea is really having a good time in Hollywood and she is not just solid as a rapper and a Part time Model, She has also made the likes of Nicki Minaj quite uncomfortable with her back side endowment...She has been chosen to host the MTV House of Style which is making a come back in August 2014. House of Style is an American based Show that focuses on fashion, lives of models, the modelling industry and controversial topics.

After 14 years off production, the reformatted show will chronicle how the fashion industry evolves alongside music and technology and Iggy will be taking viewers from L.A's best vintage stores to music video sets..She definitely has the swag to pull off such a show...


Mary Kate (27) and Oliver Sarkozy(44)
Penny Lancaster (43) and Rod Stewart (69)
Alec Baldwin (56) and Hilaria Thomas (30)
Catherine Zeta-Jones (44) and Michael Douglas (69)
Rosie Huntington-Whitely (27) and Jason Statham (47)
Mariah Carey (44) and Nick Cannon (33)
Hugh Hefner (88)  and Crystal Harris (28)
Bruce Willis (59) and Emma Heming (36)


So, I got to watch Truth Syndrome Live episode of Entertainment Splash and I was glued to it because they had Controversial Maheeda as their guest..and so I got on tweeter to also follow the trend by asking questions of mine but several things caught my interest and one of them was when she said Oprah Winfrey is her mentor;because of what she is doing in South Africa..I actually laughed at that; everyone knows what Oprah is doing in Africa, at least she is in the news like forever..I do not hate this Lady but I despise the fact that people call in to show their love and interest in what she or nudity?meanwhile, they make several hate statements about her on line.

31 years old Maheeda does not have a genre of music but says she does ''Honest Music''..and by that I believe she means bringing out ones vulnerability which lets people see you just the way you are...So what will the likes of Asa, Mariah Carey or Femi Kuti call their type of song..If you cannot define your music under any type of genre, I wonder what such a person is doing with music in its true definition...By the way, she is married now and perhaps she needs to slow down on the nude culture..I am sure Oprah Winfrey would agree to that too.

Funny questions where thrown at her on the show-Someone asked this married woman if she was hotter than seriously?..She said check the pictures and you can decide that...Am wondering why she was not compared to the likes of Tiwa Savage, Beyonce or even her mentor, why Afrocandy if i may ask?..She says Its ok for her daughter to pose nude when she hits 18...Keep the nudity within the four walls of your bedroom and one says you cannot show some level of skin in your music, modelling or even Fashion but just posting these things on line for no reason speaks more than you can imagine..Its a global village...


MBGN 2014- Assumed 8 years ago
MBGN 2014-Presently says she is 19

Sunday, 27 July 2014


Colombian Singer, Shakira and Footballer Boyfriend, Gerard Pique are both expecting another baby one year after the birth of Milan..Its been four years of blossom love between the two when they met in 2010 at the production of Waka Waka for the 2010 World cup..It is obvious they really want to do more of this and I smell an official nuptial ceremony soon...What will the baby be called this time..and the future of Barcelona seems to be guaranteed...


I came across the preview of this film and I was forced to share it..starring Boris Kodjoe, Sharon Leal, Tyson Beckford along with other great African American Acts..A beautiful Thriller centred around love, marriage, career and the quest to never end a desire...


Do I call this decision a growth in a career or what..I am a great fan of Tuface Idibia right from the early days of music struggle and will forever be.. but this change of name is absolutely unnecessary..He made this known at the Ascension album launch in Lagos..2baba actually sounds lame and up coming for me but what can we say, I still regard him as the best music export from Africa..I do hope your style of music will not change just like your name..Is this what fame does to people?

Saturday, 26 July 2014


Hate or Love her, She is a force to reckon with when it comes to Day time Talk Show, Humanitarian gestures, Community Journalism et al..She is Funmi Iyanda; At the mention of that name, every ear must twitch...Its another year for this fabulous woman of value and love..Do I mean she is perfect? No..but you can relate with her and she certainly knows how you feel because Life was also not a bed of roses for her..Happy Birthday to a woman I adore and respect so much...God bless you F.I


Dayo Amusa is one Nigerian Actress that might seem relegated to the background but she actually shines a lot in her element and whenever you get to see her interpret certain characters, It must come with wit, charisma, humour and boldness...Unforgivable comes with its good and bad sides and It is important for all producers to take note of the bad sides and correct it in their subsequent films.

Before I celebrate the great sides of this movie, Let me express my unhappiness at some observations..This is not taking away the originality of the story which I must commend the producer for;Let me start with the common angle in most Nollywood Films- The Subtitling; What or who exactly is chasing our producers that they end up with watery subtitling, inaccurate spellings et al in virtually most Nigerian Films.

Dayo Amusa had a good interpretation of her story but she did not emphasize or state out the reason behind her husband's(Damola) awful behaviour from University days to their marriage-Was he forced to marry her due to pregnancy or what, As at the point of losing a child despite her state of health and knowing she had few days left to leave; such a woman should have walked out of that marriage.

I felt quite uncomfortable with the young versions of the Lead characters back in the University but I must applaud the effort of Niyi Johnson;(All thanks to the directive of Desmond Elliot). Mike Ezuruonye interpreted his role very well and the transition of thoughts at the hospital is very real and natural...Other characters were not really interpreted and seemed very obvious they are new comers in the industry.

Now to the reasons why I will recommend this movie to anyone- Firstly, I will recommend this film because It is Dayo Amusa and was well directed by Desmond Elliot.. One of the best climax I have seen in a while was at the hospital when Damola noticed the loss of hair through chemotherapy  ...I felt it myself and the scene Damola prepared breakfast, only to realise the wife is dead was quite emotional..It is a good movie and she did well by bringing an actor from the English genre of Nollywood .

I would also love to commend Dayo for the Sound Track of the movie; I did not know when I started singing along...I once tweeted at her that It is unforgivable not to watch this movie and despite my observations, This is one movie I would love to watch over and over again-It is full of emotions but the suspense was predictable because the directive is quite a cliché in the industry but was well executed in the best possible way and with good camera angles.


They storm our lives without a permission and we get influenced for a purchasing decision which to an extent feels good especially when the product or service is worth every penny but how about the moral or civil factor surrounding these commercials or billboards....?I have seen a particular campaign for a while and I had pondered about it until a colleague of mine called my attention to it; We were on the road when we saw a LagBus with a Derica Tomato Paste Campaign which had a little girl using her tongue to lick the plate.

This is something I did when I was a child and am sure some adults are still doing it or perhaps they make use of their hands like me but certainly within the four walls of my house and not in public..We all know that a mother's soup can make you do certain things but promoting that in a campaign!...What exactly are we really saying, Is it Ok for kids to use their tongue to lick a plate..being African, our hands are quite appropriate for eating the various swallows available and If you find the soup quite heavenly, then, no one will hold you for using that same hand to wipe the plate clean...I do not subscribe to the tongue.

Is this the level at which creativity has gone to or are they just trying to be real with us by revealing who we are..It does not speak well from any angle and that is a very inappropriate approach to make a come back of Derica...Some of us do know that campaigns are meant to be deceptive in driving home profit for the product but our moral and cultural values should not be thrown to the bin...This is not the only campaign that needs to be checked

Thursday, 24 July 2014


The hype around this music by the Mavins really got me wondering what could be the magic...that led most people christening their cherished African name with the tag ''Doro''..For example, A colleague of mine simply had a PM with Doro..her name..No big do but alas, the video is out and what do I see..nothing as much as the mad lyrics and beats that left every girl doro dancing..If I recall how disappointed I was when 9ice shot his Street Credibility video featuring Tuface Idibia in a studio with some Adire Fabric behind them..I was expecting something related to what DJ Jimmy Jatt did with Stylee where I felt a complete Lasgidi Life on the street.

Back to the matter, Right now, I am officially advocating that any girl that must be featured in a Music Video must be a Nigerian...Are these Musicians saying are girls are not beautiful, hot and sexy enough.?.It was actually a poor concept compared to the popularity of the song, perhaps, If the video came out with the song, I might not have this resentment over the song and based on the fact that Mavins is known for good videos or was It just a fast plan job or the South African based Director, Nick Roux was just lazy in creativity..It seems some Nigerian Artistes do not know more than party videos.

I think the Individuals I give some credit here is D'Prince, he never disappoints when It comes to delivering that extra swag in a Music video and Korede Bello, one of the new babies of Mavin but Wanted Queen, Tiwa Savage Balogun simply looked awkward sitting on the bed and claiming to be hot..actually, I did not feel any heat madam...The party video seemed close to that of PSquare's Testimony..Honestly, I was disappointed despite the fact that I was trying to digest my love for the song..but as usual, the media might just force it down our throat and it might just be loved...It is not an award winning video..that is all.


It seems the much needed attention to aid global financial support as a bid to get more bid for certain people is quite a reality as Nigeria is joining forces to create more support to fight Boko Haram..Recently, there were reports that the Presidency intends to get a loan to fight the insurgency and now, Defences Minister of Cameroon, Chad and Niger will produce 700 troops each to join forces with that of Nigeria.

Do I smell a true quest of creating their own Islamic state, even though, some people have stated that It is not a religious affair and yet  we ask, What is their quest?..So much funds is going into this mission and we are yet to see the result...A Minister in Nigeria even said that some of the ammunitions being used by the Boko Haram Sect is quite powerful and firm than what the Nigerian Military uses..Can I believe that?.We keep our fingers crossed  as usual. I can imagine how much funds will be put into the welfare of these 2,800 forces..

Saturday, 19 July 2014


The love story between Omotayo and Peter Okoye is one that might seem like an Hollywood script but the reality is that she proved you can always fall in love with anyone, age is just a number..and so after 8 years of being together, they tied the knot but was the family happy with this decision Peter made or could it be that they wanted an Igbo girl just like Anita, Paul's wifey...I do not know.

Jude Okoye was absent from their wedding...Why would an elder brother be absent at such an historical moment in the life of a blood relative?..No one has an answer but there are sparks of smokes everywhere that Peter's marriage is the centre of the whole issue..Could all these split up the duo of Peter and Paul Okoye as P-Square?

Reports have it that Paul Okoye secretly dated Anita for 10 years before taking her as a wife...well, Now that these two women are home, I presume they are also front runners in keeping the Okoye name intact and not rubbishing it in the eyes of the sneaking Nigerian press who is always looking for what to devour...presently, they have the will power to prove that all is well in their vineyard..or like I usually say, Its all about the publicity and perhaps, everyone is just putting up an act for us.

If truly there's a crisis going on, I believe the wives can call their bull dogs back home and check their excesses or Is there any other reason why they got married to these guys?...There is another wifey joining the league now and that is Ifeoma Umeokeke, former beauty queen in Nigeria..Is this not an interesting family..Its a parade of beauties.
By the way, Some of us do know that most women change in marriage or should I say, marriage brings out a can of surprises in some women and truly, you can never know all even after 50 years of marriage..back to the matter...everything that has been built for years can crumble in seconds if these women do not have a common interest about the successes of their husbands and Its just sad that Mama Okoye is no more..She would have been in the position to calm any funny storm within the family...


Back in 2001, Miss Agbani Darego became the first Nigerian to win the Miss World pageant under the platform of the Most Beautiful in Nigeria..A Black beauty Queen who has gone ahead to be a successful Fashion Entrepreneur and a role model to many aspiring models across the world but she is not just the only beauty Queen who has such a personae..Infact, the dark-skinned beauties have been more luckier at getting the crown...
Chinenye Akinlade(formely Miss Ochuba) was the Most beautiful girl in Nigeria 2002...went further to make it to the Top 10 at the Miss World 2002 co hosted by Nigeria and UK in London..I am not sure if Nigeria has faired well since they started producing fair or should I say Yellow Queens and I am not here to disagree or deny the fact that the likes of Munachi Nwankwo, Adaeze Yobo or even the newly crowned Model, Iheoma Nnadi are not beautiful enough but they cannot overshadow the extremely white queens at the world stage...Lets face it, a dark-skinned queen will bring that needed attention to any judge especially If she is a dazzling beauty..Countries like Equitorial Guinea, Tanzania, Gabon, Seychelles, Cape Verde have produced dark-skinned queens as representatives of their country at this years pageant coming up in December and am sure they will stand out better than what Nigeria has produced.

Now, this is what I meant by standing out, Carranzar Naa Okailey Shooter represented Ghana at Miss World 2013 and she came out as the second runner up..How many of you are dark as this lady but yet she glowed at that stage..Seriously, as a black man, beauty is not about how fair you are and I guess that is why we are having so many cases of bleachers around our country today...Newly created country in 2011, South Sudan, made history by making it to the Top 7 of the Miss World 2012 pageant.
Atong Demach (Miss South Sudan 2012)
Bokang Montjane (Miss South Africa 2010, 5th Runner Up, Miss World 2011)
I actually did not have to do a laboratory test to prove my opinion but lets not pretend about the fact that black is beautiful and It stands out anywhere, any time..No offence to all the fair queens in Nigeria...
I stand by to see if Miss Iheoma Nnadi will prove me wrong at the Miss World pageant later this year and by the way, their height seems to be dropping off lately...


Once upon a time in the Land of Ohaukwu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State(created out of Abia and Enugu State in Nigeria), A little boy aged 6 started fashion...certainly, you do not expect an outcome that seem like Coco Chanel, Giorgio Armani or Deola Sagoe but KamsiyoChuwkwu which means just as I requested from God carved a niche for himself by using electric cables to make ear and neck pieces..and a particular woman in his neighbourhood found that interesting but his family saw no sense in that.

''You do know what they say about not giving up on yourself?''...Well, he actually made his first dress at age 10..funny right! Its not really about the possibilities but the reality of having to make a dress at that age, apparently, he took his mum's prized Wrapper to make a dress for his niece..He was spanked by his brothers but he never stopped finding himself and some family members only stated that they should be happy that this little boy had discovered his purpose in life...He went further to buying his own clothes at age 12...At that age, My own mum still takes me to the Old Tejuosho market at Yaba to shop for what to wear at Christmas, Easter or New Year.
With just a day or two in the Art Class while in Secondary School, no formal knowledge of colours and fashion, Kamsi TCharles has become a brand worth identifying with...Every tale he shared with me seems more like a testimony because he never romanced fashion again until 2006 and prior to that, he had about 3 years training in photography when he came to Lagos. It was while doing his business of photography at an Eatery that he felt that spirit speaking to him again and you have no idea what Kamsi TCharles played with first...Permanent Markers was used by him to make inscriptions on virtually all his shirts!

Today, Kamsi TCharles seems like the most knowledgeable about styling and fashion in his family and whatever transpired back then should be in the history books now because his brother accommodated him and invested in him, even while they both stayed in a room apartment...His search for materials to work with led him to more findings and that transpired into his development in making more classy, defined and bold outfits today...

Kamsi TCharles started his business with just 1,500 Naira in 2006 and had to give out some of the clothes that was not sold..His first client was actually one of the Dancers of a highly rated Nigerian Music group, who paid 2,000 Naira for an outfit but today..there is a price to be paid for getting dressed by this quietly creative personae.

Kamsi TCharles admires Fashion Designer, Clement Mudiaga Enajemo.A.K.A Mudi a lot, he follows his works closely as a source of inspiration and strongly advocates that young designers in Nigeria should have access to loan facilities to help them grow in the business of fashion.

Back to the accessories..We might have thought that was a childhood thing but he got arrested by whatever spirit drives his creativity to go back to doing accessories which was like the first love of his childhood style drama.

In 2008, Kamsi TCharles got back to making accessories,...quite Afro-centric in nature and he admits that he loves doing more of that than sewing but certainly tries to balance both...He has gone further to prove an edge of entrepreneurship by stocking major Fashion Art stores in Lagos and also via his website..presently, plans are being made to sell online through the likes of Jumia.

This former Photographer has graced the grand finales of the Model of Africa, Lagos Accessories Show, Lagos Copper Beach Soccer Event, Taruwa Festival to mention a few...

Despite his mark in the Fashion Industry with a special focus on clothing men and accessories for both male and female, Kamsi TCharles has not relaxed in his quest for success but has gone further to pursue a degree at the University of Lagos, even though he has an Associate Diploma in Computing alongside several leadership trainings..I say It is very important you stretch your wings as far as It can go, just take a look at the sky and see If there is any traffic jam holding up all the birds in the sky...Kamsi TCharles says to all; aim big, start small, grow fast and nothing is impossible.

I truly know a lot must have transpired while growing up with his mum in Ebonyi but Kamsi TCharles says his mum is proud of him today; being able to express himself positively and has gone further to help other young people grow..My lesson 101- When you see your child destroying your gadgets and looking inside, send them to an engineering school, If you see them using your kitchen utensils as microphone, grab a music talent hunt fast before the window closes...Kamsi TCharles enjoys his work so much that he barely creates time for relaxation, simply put; He relaxes while at fashion exhibitions and shows.
Kamsi TCharles hopes to meet UK based Fashion Designer, Ozwald Boateng simply because he is African, an innovative approach to cloth making and his success; Will Kamsi delve towards female clothing soon?..Fingers crossed.

There are always difficult times in any career but holding on is the best prescription anyone can get, where you wondered what could happen next but Kamsi TCharles is still very much alive in the game of making good cloths..He says "I love my Job, I express myself and I get paid for it, What feels more better''.

Friday, 18 July 2014


Veteran Actress, Kate Henshaw is about to become an Honourable member of the Federal House of Representatives at the polls in Nigeria under the Peoples Democratic Party..She is from Cross Rivers and so we should expect her representing a constituency from that region of the country..She will be unveiled officially on her 43rd birthday gig this July..The only huddle for her is to win the ticket for the party at the primaries in October this year.

I totally support her all the way and I am looking forward to more Celebrities like her embracing political positions, perhaps, It will give us a better perspective of who and who is rightful as leaders in our nation...Gospel Act, Kenny St.Brown is also desiring to go into politics and her agenda is set on helping prostitutes...Well, I wish her all the best and I presume she would win If her personality is taking into consideration...

Thursday, 17 July 2014


As I was actually looking forward to cute pictures of Damilola Adegbite and Chris Attoh walking down the aisle, kissing and exchanging long term vows, News just broke that she might have had a secret wedding due to the extreme hype of the media about their marriage plans and also, Mr. Attoh seems to have changed his Facebook status from single to married..I guess we can calculate one and one together...Except If some pranks are going on somewhere..I say, have a blessed marriage


I came across this Information on a social media platform and I was surprised because I never saw it coming..that is If Mr. Bankole is actually running to be the Number one citizen in Ogun State at the polls and am sure It has to be under the PDP platform..Will the people of Ogun State follow him to victory? Does he have the personae to be a Governor or Is he just trying to proof a point in the Nigerian politics..fingers crossed...


Blood they say is thicker than water but when that blood is diluted with so many ingredients..I wonder If the genetics holding the blood together will stay..Peter and Jude Okoye are brothers by all definition and everything seems normal between the two until a certain Mrs. Omotayo Okoye emerged as the first Lady in the life of Peter Okoye, a marriage blessed with children but Oga jude is not at home with such..He was absent at their wedding ceremony..but was present at Paul Okoye's wedding to a certain Anita..Is this a thing of Tribal sentiments or there is more to this matter? I so wished Mama Okoye was alive, Mothers' do know how to handle siblings.

Well, I thought It was a one sided issue until now when Peter himself became absent at Jude Okoye's traditional wedding to Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria-Tourism, Ifeoma Umeokeke at Anambra State...As usual, some social media addicts like us took to twitter to express their mind about his absence..I do not think am in the position to judge his decision but will this feud have a happy ending...Is there actually more to this brouhaha and women affairs in the family is no joke


43 Years Old Actress, Ibinabo Fiberesima is finally set to have her first official and real marriage, She says she would be walking down the aisle by December this year in Port harcourt with her love..Actually, they both dated back then in the 90's at the University of Ibadan. I believe Ibinabo will be going into this marriage with her kids including the one she had for Actor, Fred Amata...Like they say, Its about For Better and For Worse.

It is a great thing to know that her prayers have finally being answered and the long desire to have a company has come and I hope It will stay that way..The man should know that Ibinabo has grown from just that University Girl to being the President of the Actors' Guild of Nigeria, a responsibility that also involves meeting with Mr.President to seek a better future for her colleagues and Yes, Mother to all these children..even though I find it very awkward that a woman of this age with all these children is going into a marriage for the first time with her past love, who apparently might not be his first marriage...our celebrities are full of surprises.

But life is funny though and that's because the matters of love and the heart is like a national budget...So, If she says she is bored..I quite understand that thought because we all need some company but congrats anyway