Monday, 28 July 2014


Except for those of you who are not deep necked into entertainment, It is no longer news that Alexandra Shipp will be playing the role of Late Aaliyah Haughton in the biopic movie about her life and career...Before now, 17 years Zendaya Coleman has been chosen but she opted out because of the production value..those were the words of a young Hollywood act, I guess her managers must be doing a lot of work...Zendaya says It was not about not being black or talented enough but can Alexandra Shipp also deliver? Looking at their resume, Zendaya does have an edge because she is a musician in her own right. She released a self-titled album in 2013.
Zendaya Coleman
The controversy is not just about these two actresses but It seems the family is not in good terms with the whole idea of the biopic movie..From Zendaya's end, she did try to contact Aaliyah's family and there were issues with the music rights and she felt Its not morally right to go ahead with the project...Meanwhile, Aaliyah's family feels her story deserves something bigger than a ''Made for TV'' treatment but a major studio release, also, the use of A-List Actors and Talents is needed to breathe life into her phenomenal story.

By the way, Reports have it that the family is not aware of the movie which will involve some executive producing from TV Star, Wendy Williams who stated that Aaliyah's music is not needed to tell her story; I have no idea how you will do such an epic project without involving her music, which was part of her life-that is a controversy already because her family is not approving her songs for the movie and Wendy Williams is apparently more interested in revealing scandalous memories of the music star, especially the alleged marriage to R.Kelly at the age of 15...Fingers crossed but I would really love to know what her life was really like asides music.