Wednesday, 16 July 2014


''How about an applause for our government right?"...What can I say...Hmmmm....Do you know Aminu is a British Born Terrorist? Do you know he is a son of a retired Nigerian Army Colonel? Do you know Aminu served in the Intelligence Unit of the Nigerian Army at Child Avenue, Arakan Barracks, Lagos between 2001 and 2006 before deserting? Do you know Ogwuche is a student of Arabic at the International University of Africa, Sudan...Where am I going with all these?

Aminu Sadiq is from Benue State and that proves a conversion was made to become Islamic because he is also a student of Arabic in Sudan before his arrest but that is not my centre of opinion, rather, his father is a retired military personnel and he also served at the Intelligence Unit for 5 good years, 5 years is quite enough to learn a lot of skills as an Intelligence Officer and If you combine that with what they are being taught at the School of Terrorism...You can imagine how their brain works.

This is not the moment of brutal condemnation of these guys but to find the root cause of this menace that has come to have a seat on our dinner table and we have come to accept it as part of our existence...It seems most of these guys are Ex-Militias and that is where the solution should start from..Are we treating the Military right or some people are just determined to paint their nation black with evil..I presume most of us would say Thank you Jesus-Our enemies are falling but do you know how many ovaries of such personae is being copulated right now..?

Mr President is even seeking #165 Billion to fight the insurgency or Is it Boko Haram...Despite our religious curtains that flow everywhere, sometimes I wonder...Why our prayers are not answered?