Saturday, 19 July 2014


Once upon a time in the Land of Ohaukwu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State(created out of Abia and Enugu State in Nigeria), A little boy aged 6 started fashion...certainly, you do not expect an outcome that seem like Coco Chanel, Giorgio Armani or Deola Sagoe but KamsiyoChuwkwu which means just as I requested from God carved a niche for himself by using electric cables to make ear and neck pieces..and a particular woman in his neighbourhood found that interesting but his family saw no sense in that.

''You do know what they say about not giving up on yourself?''...Well, he actually made his first dress at age 10..funny right! Its not really about the possibilities but the reality of having to make a dress at that age, apparently, he took his mum's prized Wrapper to make a dress for his niece..He was spanked by his brothers but he never stopped finding himself and some family members only stated that they should be happy that this little boy had discovered his purpose in life...He went further to buying his own clothes at age 12...At that age, My own mum still takes me to the Old Tejuosho market at Yaba to shop for what to wear at Christmas, Easter or New Year.
With just a day or two in the Art Class while in Secondary School, no formal knowledge of colours and fashion, Kamsi TCharles has become a brand worth identifying with...Every tale he shared with me seems more like a testimony because he never romanced fashion again until 2006 and prior to that, he had about 3 years training in photography when he came to Lagos. It was while doing his business of photography at an Eatery that he felt that spirit speaking to him again and you have no idea what Kamsi TCharles played with first...Permanent Markers was used by him to make inscriptions on virtually all his shirts!

Today, Kamsi TCharles seems like the most knowledgeable about styling and fashion in his family and whatever transpired back then should be in the history books now because his brother accommodated him and invested in him, even while they both stayed in a room apartment...His search for materials to work with led him to more findings and that transpired into his development in making more classy, defined and bold outfits today...

Kamsi TCharles started his business with just 1,500 Naira in 2006 and had to give out some of the clothes that was not sold..His first client was actually one of the Dancers of a highly rated Nigerian Music group, who paid 2,000 Naira for an outfit but today..there is a price to be paid for getting dressed by this quietly creative personae.

Kamsi TCharles admires Fashion Designer, Clement Mudiaga Enajemo.A.K.A Mudi a lot, he follows his works closely as a source of inspiration and strongly advocates that young designers in Nigeria should have access to loan facilities to help them grow in the business of fashion.

Back to the accessories..We might have thought that was a childhood thing but he got arrested by whatever spirit drives his creativity to go back to doing accessories which was like the first love of his childhood style drama.

In 2008, Kamsi TCharles got back to making accessories,...quite Afro-centric in nature and he admits that he loves doing more of that than sewing but certainly tries to balance both...He has gone further to prove an edge of entrepreneurship by stocking major Fashion Art stores in Lagos and also via his website..presently, plans are being made to sell online through the likes of Jumia.

This former Photographer has graced the grand finales of the Model of Africa, Lagos Accessories Show, Lagos Copper Beach Soccer Event, Taruwa Festival to mention a few...

Despite his mark in the Fashion Industry with a special focus on clothing men and accessories for both male and female, Kamsi TCharles has not relaxed in his quest for success but has gone further to pursue a degree at the University of Lagos, even though he has an Associate Diploma in Computing alongside several leadership trainings..I say It is very important you stretch your wings as far as It can go, just take a look at the sky and see If there is any traffic jam holding up all the birds in the sky...Kamsi TCharles says to all; aim big, start small, grow fast and nothing is impossible.

I truly know a lot must have transpired while growing up with his mum in Ebonyi but Kamsi TCharles says his mum is proud of him today; being able to express himself positively and has gone further to help other young people grow..My lesson 101- When you see your child destroying your gadgets and looking inside, send them to an engineering school, If you see them using your kitchen utensils as microphone, grab a music talent hunt fast before the window closes...Kamsi TCharles enjoys his work so much that he barely creates time for relaxation, simply put; He relaxes while at fashion exhibitions and shows.
Kamsi TCharles hopes to meet UK based Fashion Designer, Ozwald Boateng simply because he is African, an innovative approach to cloth making and his success; Will Kamsi delve towards female clothing soon?..Fingers crossed.

There are always difficult times in any career but holding on is the best prescription anyone can get, where you wondered what could happen next but Kamsi TCharles is still very much alive in the game of making good cloths..He says "I love my Job, I express myself and I get paid for it, What feels more better''.