Saturday, 5 July 2014


Let me start by saying a blog is a website on which someone writes about personal opinions, activities and experiences...that which I will like to commend the likes of Japhet Omojuwa for and without taking any credit away from Linda Ikeji, I think her blogging seems to be going out of context these days If I follow the definition of a blog, which brings me to the romance between her and Musician turned Columnist, Etcetera Ejikeme. Recently, Linda Ikeji published Etcetera's journal on beauty pageants in Nigeria(still coming back on that anyway) and stated that she does not share his view..why publish it in the first place..? Perhaps, Its about the money from the huge page views and might also be at advantage for Etcetera, who might just get any corporate deal from so many attention we have given him..the power of publicity, negative or positive.

Etcetera Ejikeke is known for delivering good alternative music in the past and I must confess that he was quite good but being successful...I have no idea what happened but now he romances his pen and paper..and writes like a Lion seeking for whom to devour and he seems to be getting our attention with the aid of a beloved blog..Linda Ikeji..First, It was Tiwa Savage and Husband Material palava, then It was Telecom Prostitutes and Saka, and now, He goes extreme with Pageantry...Can someone please find out if Etcetera has performed at any of these pageants in the past and ask him to give any money paid him to charity..If he was paid anyway?

How knowledgeable is Etcetera about the rudiments of Journalism; Editorials, Features, Investigative Journalism et al..What is his vested interest in attacking a global phenomena? and Why is Linda Ikeji constantly publishing something she does not share ideals with..? Everyone can have the ability to hold a pen and draft an opinion about something but only few can construct accurately...Did he carry out any opinion and investigation before hating on..I do not care about beauty pageants but I do know that It actually increases the self esteem of most girls, even after the competition and who says pageants are not carried out for the big and beautiful..Any Girl that feels she is not beautiful should take a cue from Alek Wek, Lupita Nyong'O, Oluchi Orlandi et al...These women are beautiful in their own way and have grown to be respected all over the world.

I am happy for Linda Ikeji and I presume Etcetera will have a come back soon after all these attention but can he get his groove back with the whole hate fever flying around..and who knows, all these might just be pre-arranged for him...Now, It is the time of pastors, what exactly is he driving at or has he forgotten about Judge not, so as not to be judged and he should leave the pastors for God to handle...