Saturday, 26 July 2014


Dayo Amusa is one Nigerian Actress that might seem relegated to the background but she actually shines a lot in her element and whenever you get to see her interpret certain characters, It must come with wit, charisma, humour and boldness...Unforgivable comes with its good and bad sides and It is important for all producers to take note of the bad sides and correct it in their subsequent films.

Before I celebrate the great sides of this movie, Let me express my unhappiness at some observations..This is not taking away the originality of the story which I must commend the producer for;Let me start with the common angle in most Nollywood Films- The Subtitling; What or who exactly is chasing our producers that they end up with watery subtitling, inaccurate spellings et al in virtually most Nigerian Films.

Dayo Amusa had a good interpretation of her story but she did not emphasize or state out the reason behind her husband's(Damola) awful behaviour from University days to their marriage-Was he forced to marry her due to pregnancy or what, As at the point of losing a child despite her state of health and knowing she had few days left to leave; such a woman should have walked out of that marriage.

I felt quite uncomfortable with the young versions of the Lead characters back in the University but I must applaud the effort of Niyi Johnson;(All thanks to the directive of Desmond Elliot). Mike Ezuruonye interpreted his role very well and the transition of thoughts at the hospital is very real and natural...Other characters were not really interpreted and seemed very obvious they are new comers in the industry.

Now to the reasons why I will recommend this movie to anyone- Firstly, I will recommend this film because It is Dayo Amusa and was well directed by Desmond Elliot.. One of the best climax I have seen in a while was at the hospital when Damola noticed the loss of hair through chemotherapy  ...I felt it myself and the scene Damola prepared breakfast, only to realise the wife is dead was quite emotional..It is a good movie and she did well by bringing an actor from the English genre of Nollywood .

I would also love to commend Dayo for the Sound Track of the movie; I did not know when I started singing along...I once tweeted at her that It is unforgivable not to watch this movie and despite my observations, This is one movie I would love to watch over and over again-It is full of emotions but the suspense was predictable because the directive is quite a cliché in the industry but was well executed in the best possible way and with good camera angles.