Monday, 28 July 2014


So, I got to watch Truth Syndrome Live episode of Entertainment Splash and I was glued to it because they had Controversial Maheeda as their guest..and so I got on tweeter to also follow the trend by asking questions of mine but several things caught my interest and one of them was when she said Oprah Winfrey is her mentor;because of what she is doing in South Africa..I actually laughed at that; everyone knows what Oprah is doing in Africa, at least she is in the news like forever..I do not hate this Lady but I despise the fact that people call in to show their love and interest in what she or nudity?meanwhile, they make several hate statements about her on line.

31 years old Maheeda does not have a genre of music but says she does ''Honest Music''..and by that I believe she means bringing out ones vulnerability which lets people see you just the way you are...So what will the likes of Asa, Mariah Carey or Femi Kuti call their type of song..If you cannot define your music under any type of genre, I wonder what such a person is doing with music in its true definition...By the way, she is married now and perhaps she needs to slow down on the nude culture..I am sure Oprah Winfrey would agree to that too.

Funny questions where thrown at her on the show-Someone asked this married woman if she was hotter than seriously?..She said check the pictures and you can decide that...Am wondering why she was not compared to the likes of Tiwa Savage, Beyonce or even her mentor, why Afrocandy if i may ask?..She says Its ok for her daughter to pose nude when she hits 18...Keep the nudity within the four walls of your bedroom and one says you cannot show some level of skin in your music, modelling or even Fashion but just posting these things on line for no reason speaks more than you can imagine..Its a global village...