Saturday, 19 July 2014


The love story between Omotayo and Peter Okoye is one that might seem like an Hollywood script but the reality is that she proved you can always fall in love with anyone, age is just a number..and so after 8 years of being together, they tied the knot but was the family happy with this decision Peter made or could it be that they wanted an Igbo girl just like Anita, Paul's wifey...I do not know.

Jude Okoye was absent from their wedding...Why would an elder brother be absent at such an historical moment in the life of a blood relative?..No one has an answer but there are sparks of smokes everywhere that Peter's marriage is the centre of the whole issue..Could all these split up the duo of Peter and Paul Okoye as P-Square?

Reports have it that Paul Okoye secretly dated Anita for 10 years before taking her as a wife...well, Now that these two women are home, I presume they are also front runners in keeping the Okoye name intact and not rubbishing it in the eyes of the sneaking Nigerian press who is always looking for what to devour...presently, they have the will power to prove that all is well in their vineyard..or like I usually say, Its all about the publicity and perhaps, everyone is just putting up an act for us.

If truly there's a crisis going on, I believe the wives can call their bull dogs back home and check their excesses or Is there any other reason why they got married to these guys?...There is another wifey joining the league now and that is Ifeoma Umeokeke, former beauty queen in Nigeria..Is this not an interesting family..Its a parade of beauties.
By the way, Some of us do know that most women change in marriage or should I say, marriage brings out a can of surprises in some women and truly, you can never know all even after 50 years of marriage..back to the matter...everything that has been built for years can crumble in seconds if these women do not have a common interest about the successes of their husbands and Its just sad that Mama Okoye is no more..She would have been in the position to calm any funny storm within the family...