Thursday, 17 July 2014


Blood they say is thicker than water but when that blood is diluted with so many ingredients..I wonder If the genetics holding the blood together will stay..Peter and Jude Okoye are brothers by all definition and everything seems normal between the two until a certain Mrs. Omotayo Okoye emerged as the first Lady in the life of Peter Okoye, a marriage blessed with children but Oga jude is not at home with such..He was absent at their wedding ceremony..but was present at Paul Okoye's wedding to a certain Anita..Is this a thing of Tribal sentiments or there is more to this matter? I so wished Mama Okoye was alive, Mothers' do know how to handle siblings.

Well, I thought It was a one sided issue until now when Peter himself became absent at Jude Okoye's traditional wedding to Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria-Tourism, Ifeoma Umeokeke at Anambra State...As usual, some social media addicts like us took to twitter to express their mind about his absence..I do not think am in the position to judge his decision but will this feud have a happy ending...Is there actually more to this brouhaha and women affairs in the family is no joke