Thursday, 24 July 2014


The hype around this music by the Mavins really got me wondering what could be the magic...that led most people christening their cherished African name with the tag ''Doro''..For example, A colleague of mine simply had a PM with Doro..her name..No big do but alas, the video is out and what do I see..nothing as much as the mad lyrics and beats that left every girl doro dancing..If I recall how disappointed I was when 9ice shot his Street Credibility video featuring Tuface Idibia in a studio with some Adire Fabric behind them..I was expecting something related to what DJ Jimmy Jatt did with Stylee where I felt a complete Lasgidi Life on the street.

Back to the matter, Right now, I am officially advocating that any girl that must be featured in a Music Video must be a Nigerian...Are these Musicians saying are girls are not beautiful, hot and sexy enough.?.It was actually a poor concept compared to the popularity of the song, perhaps, If the video came out with the song, I might not have this resentment over the song and based on the fact that Mavins is known for good videos or was It just a fast plan job or the South African based Director, Nick Roux was just lazy in creativity..It seems some Nigerian Artistes do not know more than party videos.

I think the Individuals I give some credit here is D'Prince, he never disappoints when It comes to delivering that extra swag in a Music video and Korede Bello, one of the new babies of Mavin but Wanted Queen, Tiwa Savage Balogun simply looked awkward sitting on the bed and claiming to be hot..actually, I did not feel any heat madam...The party video seemed close to that of PSquare's Testimony..Honestly, I was disappointed despite the fact that I was trying to digest my love for the song..but as usual, the media might just force it down our throat and it might just be loved...It is not an award winning video..that is all.