Saturday, 26 July 2014


They storm our lives without a permission and we get influenced for a purchasing decision which to an extent feels good especially when the product or service is worth every penny but how about the moral or civil factor surrounding these commercials or billboards....?I have seen a particular campaign for a while and I had pondered about it until a colleague of mine called my attention to it; We were on the road when we saw a LagBus with a Derica Tomato Paste Campaign which had a little girl using her tongue to lick the plate.

This is something I did when I was a child and am sure some adults are still doing it or perhaps they make use of their hands like me but certainly within the four walls of my house and not in public..We all know that a mother's soup can make you do certain things but promoting that in a campaign!...What exactly are we really saying, Is it Ok for kids to use their tongue to lick a plate..being African, our hands are quite appropriate for eating the various swallows available and If you find the soup quite heavenly, then, no one will hold you for using that same hand to wipe the plate clean...I do not subscribe to the tongue.

Is this the level at which creativity has gone to or are they just trying to be real with us by revealing who we are..It does not speak well from any angle and that is a very inappropriate approach to make a come back of Derica...Some of us do know that campaigns are meant to be deceptive in driving home profit for the product but our moral and cultural values should not be thrown to the bin...This is not the only campaign that needs to be checked