Wednesday, 27 August 2014


I hope my previous episodes were quite interesting..I believe some of us do have such experiences in Lagos and now, my third episode happened in a LagBus, usually called Fashola which is the name of the Governor of Lagos and you might be wondering what makes such exclusive buses a Danfo..We all know the rate at which humans are packed up in these buses especially peak hours when Lagosians are either rushing to work or rushing the way, we are Russians in Lagos..We rush meals, driving, conversations..and am sure sex too..

I boarded a LagBus going to Ikorodu this evening and I was lucky to get a seat but never did I imagine that there would be a huge number of passengers that would be picked up along the road..but that is not news to me anyway..An elderly woman boarded the bus at a location in Ikorodu just before I alighted and she went through the back door which was opened because of passengers trying to alight..the next drama that raised so much heat in the bus was the refusal of this woman to pay her fare which was just 50 Naira.

The Bus Attendance was apparently dragging this woman to leave the bus but you know such a matter cannot be left alone by fellow passengers; It is normal in Lagos to see supporters and opposing sides..and then, the debate started or should I say conversational fights without the use of hands, heads or legs...After this Mama was left alone and she got a seat in the bus; She started complaining about her torchlight that was damaged by the attendant in the process of forcing her down. Mama was really on top of her voice over this matter..Mama that did not pay her transport fare but was complaining about her property?...Where am I heading to...?

I quite understand the Love your Neighbour philosophy, especially when it has to do with the aged ones but this services is maintained by money and profit has to be made; and there are supervisors who monitor these operations day and night..No one should really blame a bus attendant for demanding money because If the bus had to be free for every favour shown..I wonder what would be left of the employees and the maintenance of the buses...It is just like the new rail system which would cost you about 750 Naira from Yaba to Sango, It is expensive but how else would you enjoy such facility; Is it by having every kind of human just because you want to do Lagosians a favour...?

Saturday, 23 August 2014


The Ebola matter is something have never thought of expressing my feelings on but a friend and colleague is currently displeased at her country on this matter..
This is what she shared with me today and it is really a sad tale...Her brother, wife and two kids were deported back to Nigeria from Sri Lanka because of ebola, no screening was done and apparently, everyone carrying a Nigerian passport was not allowed entry..Also, the sister and husband from the UK were denied entry because they carry a naija passport...

She expressed further that so many countries are going against the directive of WHO...not allowing Nigerians right to travel to some countries...people should see what Nigerians are facing at International Airport due to ebola and our government is still quiet, they are scared of nigerians in some foreign lands..we are like zombies. I just heard that some people are being quarantined in some countries...Are we going to keep quiet?

A lot of people are yet to know the real and true ripple effect of ebola until it crashes all major sectors bit by bit, yet people go around like nothing has happened...until it touches your loved ones which we pray it won't get us till we have one voice and act...

Sunday, 17 August 2014


 If you are one of those who think because you earn a million Naira as income, you drive one of the best cars in the world or perhaps you have the prettiest woman as a wifey and you feel your world is complete...Well, sometimes, that world is not complete until you follow your real passion..There are a few persons in Nigeria who will quit their job to follow a passion, especially with the current economic situation..Olaminrewajusi Oyeleke is one of those persons.He actually graduated from Bowen University in 2009 after studying Sociology and he had a kind of 8am - 5pm job but was he happy...?

Being fulfilled in life comes in diverse circumstances; such is the case of this young man who hails from Ibadan, Oyo State, South-West Nigeria. He says a point came in his budding career as a financial analyst with a prestigious investment firm, when his results where not matching his effort and at that moment, he decided its time to move on..Lanre believed he had always had some artistic genes in his DNA and so, it was not difficult switching careers...Ladies and Gentlemen, the birth of Leke Shades.
Even though he sings well and cannot write songs but his hand sure knows how to apply every essential ingredient to make you look stunning, attractive or even beautifully weird...When you see him working, do not panic or be scared because of his hard face, he says that is the mood that gets the job done and he certainly knows how to have a good time but his phone is also a great companion. At Leke Shades, professionalism is the key element; they also think outside the box, never afraid to break new grounds..such feats has led to being nominated for the 2014 Lagos Fashion Awards and a recognition from the Modelling Academy in Nigeria.

Though creativity is key, Lanre admits that it is a very challenging field because he meets different kinds of clients and models; the sweet and nasty, and getting to stand and bend for hours..All of these is done to ensure that the Photographer's editing time is drastically reduced...I think its time some people take this career seriously because Its way more than just applying powder and foundation.
When you ask around about Oyeleke..He is an ambitious young man in his late 20s who sees beyond stereotypes; he is an optimist and never gives up easily..He says his artistry comes from the urge to see better and more realistic special effects make up in Nigerian movies, as well as usage of prosthetics..he also says his usually appalled by the quality of make up/make over in Nollywood movies...that which I agreed to.

Oyeleke is also very concerned about the industry as too much attention is being paid to packaging, I was not sure what that meant but he explained further to say that some people get jobs simply because of where they trained or possession of a complete make up set...He has heard some tales of brides who cried and bit their fingers on wedding days because they hired a make up artiste based on the name of the outfit he or she trained..In essence, packaging is important but not the criteria for hiring a make up artiste...By the way, I was stunned at his zombie creations; how else can one define the power of creativity from such a shade of another kind of life...
For all you who admire this young creative being and desire to be like him or want delve into such a career; get a pen and put this down- punctuality is very key to this career, he says it is better you are waiting  for the client than the other way round; professionalism- never mix business with pleasure because it never ends well..always pay attention to details, never assume the photographer will edit all flaws in Photoshop; ensure you cover as many flaws as you can because not all photographers can edit properly.

He shared some fond memories about growing up as a child, that which he spent greatly with his grandparents..basically an indoor boy from school back home, he recalled reading story books from grandpa's library which helped shaped his English Language...Olanrewaju was very playful as a child but the world should be glad at what he turned out to be..his shades breathes a life of creativity.

Thursday, 14 August 2014


I know some of you might find this hard to digest but am sure a few of you are very conscious of your environment when boarding or inside a public transport especially at night when you have some cool cash or belongings with you...before I go further to gist you about this episode; It is very important to dress nicely before going public because you shall be looked upon like a criminal if you dress quite rough.

I boarded a particular bus around 10pm and I knew very well It was a late hour to go home but I just had to be careful of my wallet and phones...I sat next to this guy who obviously smells of alcohol and sat quite restless and immediately, my senses got some alert of taking precautions; my mind started creating movies without a script or camera..I thought perhaps, Is this a set up?..He kept on behaving like something was missing on the floor..He did not pay a dime to the bus conductor, rather, he kept posting him till he alighted.

I had to keep my phones and wallet in the deepest part of my bag and I held on to my bag like It was a visa to Paris..I also started communicating with God..(Things we do to God when under Pressure)..what a patient creator by the way...I was actually preparing for the worst until we got to our final destination and I made sure I went a different way, should he decide to come after me...

Prior before I boarded the bus, A woman kept adjusting her bag when a lanky young man stood closely by her and was behaving like he was lost..she was completely uncomfortable; there are several experiences I witness everyday and I have been under such situation before when people just feel funny when you are close to them at a bus stop and inside a bus, a lot of passengers want to be sure your hands are placed properly...sometimes, I wonder what we all carry around that gives us that nervous feeling.

Since we all cannot afford the luxury of a car to drive around, It is very important we have a good feeling towards ourselves..Car owners are usually very dramatic especially around Ketu in Lagos..A particular man who was driving a Nissan SUV suddenly realised his glass was down when some people approached his car for a lift to Ikorodu..His facial expression was highly dramatic and filled with fear...Can we live long in this Lagos with all this tension and drama about our judgement or perception of our fellow Lagosians...please endeavour to stop by next time for another Danfo gist.


And so I said to myself; what is the use of running a blog and not create time for some nice juicy tales about Lagos and Its creative madness..sometimes, I wonder how we survive it..Well, I decided to create the Lasgidi Danfo Stories and Lasgidi means that Lagos is a Gidi; Try not to laugh but I mean Lagos is just on point..Danfo is a regular transport service that virtually everyone boards in Lagos and that is like my major transport routine except for days when our Royal BRT is very much available.

Considering the time I journey home after work, Danfo is usually the most preferred option for me because the BRT guys would have closed..just recently on my way home, I boarded this Danfo bus which had a female conductor and she definitely looked like someone in her early 40s, apparently, It was her husband that was driving..she was quite good at her job...I call it a job because being a conductor or conductress in Lagos requires so much vocal range, strength, charisma and attitude.

I like taking a seat by the window because of direct access to air from outside or perhaps, I might want to do some mobile snacking from the mobile shopping mall along the road..Like we hear every time, you can purchase anything on a Lagos road...well, definitely not a land or a house...I was about to have a good time with my music playlist on my Blackberry Bold 2 while I journeyed home when the atmosphere suddenly became noisy and I had to stop the music to know what's going on.

You have no idea what was being discussed in public...that some men are just bag carriers; they want a woman who will do all the spending but what actually led to that was If the husband of the deputy governor of Lagos State would be saying Your Excellency to his wife vis a vis, If a woman can ever become a governor or president in Nigeria...and some men felt why should he do that and the women went all vocal...I did not make a single contribution; Do I even know what to contribute...A particular woman says some men pretend a lot and are confused about what they want in a woman.

This woman seems like she had done her research and knows the mind of most men around; she emphasized that we do not like the fact that a lady always wants to collect from us but we are at the same time vulnerable to the women who can give us anything and that was what led to the ''men are just hand bag carriers''..we hold their phones and act like pets around them..see washing and setting...

They were actually doing a lot of PR for the deputy governor free of charge and made it known that she is not just a salary earner like they think but her husband must respect that office she holds...A man sitting next to me had to start narrating how he relates with his fiancée that he has never asked her how much profits she makes at her business and he ensures the provision of money comes directly from him...with that, he gets all the needed respect he deserves from her.He went further to say he pays for her hair and If he does not like it, she has to make another one..I found his story quite amazing but who cares..Love is all that matters like some people say but I know some ladies will not condone that from any man.

At the end of the trip, everyone alighted at their various bus stops..I did have some good laugh especially when an elderly man who apparently does not speak nor understands the Yoruba language shouted in a baritone voice that the conductress is making too much noise..I will bring in more stories as they occur; Its actually never a dull moment in Lagos..Eko Oni Baje..Literally, It means Lagos will not get damaged.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014


I once had an heated argument with a close friend of mine over celebrating birthdays..I guess its quite a big financial demand for some people but when your friends come together to celebrate that special day for you; It is worth every penny especially if your friends are fond of you..Such is the story of Don Kelly..A model and every model's friend..The Dogs were let out at Crystal Lounge, Isaac John, GRA Ikeja, Lagos and at 11pm, classy and stylish friends from the entertainment industry arrived..the likes of Ovo Ogufere, First ever winner, Model of Africa, Kenneth Nwadike, Kemi Amusan, Bholu Benson, Sweet Terfa, Top Models and Aviation friends from South Africa, Dubai, Malawi and Ghana..The celebrant was actually styled by White Fox and Pappy K Clothing...check out these exclusive pictures..

Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Just like William Shakespeare said;''If Music be the food of Love, play on'' and Chibuzor Valentine Agu who is also known as Shugaboi says music would always have the greater part of him any day- this only proves that many are called but few are chosen..He is an artiste, a songwriter and producer and his genre is quite unique as he fuses Hip hop and Afro pop together. I had to listen to a few of his tracks to confirm his creativity and genuine passion for music; I guess that is why the likes of Phyno and Timaya gladly worked with him on his project.

With a good level of influence from the likes of the great Afro beat King, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Tracy Chapman, Don Williams and Drake; Mista Chivagu is certainly loaded enough to cook some of the best lyrics in Nigeria, He added that these mentioned artistes possess great compositional prowess, originality and soul when they really get into it and he has also been able to consider such factors when composing his own songs.In 2003, Mista Chivagu's cousin Ilo Onyekwelu lent him money to go for his first professional studio recording. It was supposed to have been his first semester University tuition fees but Ilo believed so much in Mista Chivagu's talent that he gave it to him instead. That studio session birthed a song that topped the charts in kaduna after he remixed it to a dub beat.

Shugaboi is an artiste that acknowledges the supreme source of his gift at all times, standing firm to what he believes in and hard work; It is clear for everyone to understand why certain acts will continue to thrive in their talent...The God Factor and hard work are quite essential and It is not about doing an album dedicated to God but having a personal relationship with him..
Mista Chivagu chose to stand out than join the bandwagon in the music industry; An industry where everyone sounds similar, which eventually takes away the originality and creativity  of an artiste..A hustler determined to turn his passion into a full time occupation, he now blends his eclectic influences from time spent in Nigeria's north, East and West to create hybrid urban music, offering something fresh to a generation of music lovers...He believes in good music and his glad the right ears are beginning to listen and acknowledge what he does. Amidst all of these, Chivagu says the music industry is lucrative and that also depends on the methods applied to make it a reality.

Growing up was actually rosy for Chivagu until 2001 when he decided to be independent; 13 years down the line has made this young man solid as a rock and in 2009, he decided to pursue music with all it takes..He testifies that Life, Love and hunger for success has inspired his music so far. Some of his tracks include Nganga featuring Phyno, All Night and Change Hand featuring Timaya, which is actually my favorite track.

 Mista Chivagu wrote a first six-line rap at the age 7 but as he grew older, writing more elaborate rap emulating Ice Cube and Run DMC and singing Reggae, his parent's support waned for his time-consuming hobby. Still, even as he completed a degree, he knew music was much more than that. "I was born to be an entertainer" says this fast rising artiste

Monday, 11 August 2014


63 year old American Actor, Voice Artiste and Comedian, Robin William has ended his creative journey on earth..Unfortunately, reports says he died by suicide on monday at 12pm but investigations are on to find out the cause of his death..Robin was battling severe depression as at the time of his death and his Publicist would not confirm that his death was suicidal. During the late 1970s and early 1980s, William had an addiction to cocaine, he was also hospitalized in March 2009 due to heart problems.

Saturday, 2 August 2014


Balogun Yomade Yewande, a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University(Sociology and Anthropology) and chattered in Personnel Management is down with chronic kidney disease. Presently undergoing dialysis at Gbagada General Hospital, Lagos. A kidney transplant is very necessary as soon as possible.

We hereby solicit for financial support to save this young and promising lady. The cost projection according to St. Nicholas Hospital is about 8-9 Million Naira..You can contact 0805-256-2404 to extend a kind gesture..documents and medical reports are available for verification.

Account Details for Balogun Yomade Yewande
Diamond Bank - 0041932927
Guaranty Trust Bank - 0130520176
Zenith Bank - 2084974783

Thank you and God bless as you show a little kindness...