Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Just like William Shakespeare said;''If Music be the food of Love, play on'' and Chibuzor Valentine Agu who is also known as Shugaboi says music would always have the greater part of him any day- this only proves that many are called but few are chosen..He is an artiste, a songwriter and producer and his genre is quite unique as he fuses Hip hop and Afro pop together. I had to listen to a few of his tracks to confirm his creativity and genuine passion for music; I guess that is why the likes of Phyno and Timaya gladly worked with him on his project.

With a good level of influence from the likes of the great Afro beat King, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Tracy Chapman, Don Williams and Drake; Mista Chivagu is certainly loaded enough to cook some of the best lyrics in Nigeria, He added that these mentioned artistes possess great compositional prowess, originality and soul when they really get into it and he has also been able to consider such factors when composing his own songs.In 2003, Mista Chivagu's cousin Ilo Onyekwelu lent him money to go for his first professional studio recording. It was supposed to have been his first semester University tuition fees but Ilo believed so much in Mista Chivagu's talent that he gave it to him instead. That studio session birthed a song that topped the charts in kaduna after he remixed it to a dub beat.

Shugaboi is an artiste that acknowledges the supreme source of his gift at all times, standing firm to what he believes in and hard work; It is clear for everyone to understand why certain acts will continue to thrive in their talent...The God Factor and hard work are quite essential and It is not about doing an album dedicated to God but having a personal relationship with him..
Mista Chivagu chose to stand out than join the bandwagon in the music industry; An industry where everyone sounds similar, which eventually takes away the originality and creativity  of an artiste..A hustler determined to turn his passion into a full time occupation, he now blends his eclectic influences from time spent in Nigeria's north, East and West to create hybrid urban music, offering something fresh to a generation of music lovers...He believes in good music and his glad the right ears are beginning to listen and acknowledge what he does. Amidst all of these, Chivagu says the music industry is lucrative and that also depends on the methods applied to make it a reality.

Growing up was actually rosy for Chivagu until 2001 when he decided to be independent; 13 years down the line has made this young man solid as a rock and in 2009, he decided to pursue music with all it takes..He testifies that Life, Love and hunger for success has inspired his music so far. Some of his tracks include Nganga featuring Phyno, All Night and Change Hand featuring Timaya, which is actually my favorite track.

 Mista Chivagu wrote a first six-line rap at the age 7 but as he grew older, writing more elaborate rap emulating Ice Cube and Run DMC and singing Reggae, his parent's support waned for his time-consuming hobby. Still, even as he completed a degree, he knew music was much more than that. "I was born to be an entertainer" says this fast rising artiste