Wednesday, 13 August 2014


I once had an heated argument with a close friend of mine over celebrating birthdays..I guess its quite a big financial demand for some people but when your friends come together to celebrate that special day for you; It is worth every penny especially if your friends are fond of you..Such is the story of Don Kelly..A model and every model's friend..The Dogs were let out at Crystal Lounge, Isaac John, GRA Ikeja, Lagos and at 11pm, classy and stylish friends from the entertainment industry arrived..the likes of Ovo Ogufere, First ever winner, Model of Africa, Kenneth Nwadike, Kemi Amusan, Bholu Benson, Sweet Terfa, Top Models and Aviation friends from South Africa, Dubai, Malawi and Ghana..The celebrant was actually styled by White Fox and Pappy K Clothing...check out these exclusive pictures..