Thursday, 14 August 2014


And so I said to myself; what is the use of running a blog and not create time for some nice juicy tales about Lagos and Its creative madness..sometimes, I wonder how we survive it..Well, I decided to create the Lasgidi Danfo Stories and Lasgidi means that Lagos is a Gidi; Try not to laugh but I mean Lagos is just on point..Danfo is a regular transport service that virtually everyone boards in Lagos and that is like my major transport routine except for days when our Royal BRT is very much available.

Considering the time I journey home after work, Danfo is usually the most preferred option for me because the BRT guys would have closed..just recently on my way home, I boarded this Danfo bus which had a female conductor and she definitely looked like someone in her early 40s, apparently, It was her husband that was driving..she was quite good at her job...I call it a job because being a conductor or conductress in Lagos requires so much vocal range, strength, charisma and attitude.

I like taking a seat by the window because of direct access to air from outside or perhaps, I might want to do some mobile snacking from the mobile shopping mall along the road..Like we hear every time, you can purchase anything on a Lagos road...well, definitely not a land or a house...I was about to have a good time with my music playlist on my Blackberry Bold 2 while I journeyed home when the atmosphere suddenly became noisy and I had to stop the music to know what's going on.

You have no idea what was being discussed in public...that some men are just bag carriers; they want a woman who will do all the spending but what actually led to that was If the husband of the deputy governor of Lagos State would be saying Your Excellency to his wife vis a vis, If a woman can ever become a governor or president in Nigeria...and some men felt why should he do that and the women went all vocal...I did not make a single contribution; Do I even know what to contribute...A particular woman says some men pretend a lot and are confused about what they want in a woman.

This woman seems like she had done her research and knows the mind of most men around; she emphasized that we do not like the fact that a lady always wants to collect from us but we are at the same time vulnerable to the women who can give us anything and that was what led to the ''men are just hand bag carriers''..we hold their phones and act like pets around them..see washing and setting...

They were actually doing a lot of PR for the deputy governor free of charge and made it known that she is not just a salary earner like they think but her husband must respect that office she holds...A man sitting next to me had to start narrating how he relates with his fiancée that he has never asked her how much profits she makes at her business and he ensures the provision of money comes directly from him...with that, he gets all the needed respect he deserves from her.He went further to say he pays for her hair and If he does not like it, she has to make another one..I found his story quite amazing but who cares..Love is all that matters like some people say but I know some ladies will not condone that from any man.

At the end of the trip, everyone alighted at their various bus stops..I did have some good laugh especially when an elderly man who apparently does not speak nor understands the Yoruba language shouted in a baritone voice that the conductress is making too much noise..I will bring in more stories as they occur; Its actually never a dull moment in Lagos..Eko Oni Baje..Literally, It means Lagos will not get damaged.