Thursday, 14 August 2014


I know some of you might find this hard to digest but am sure a few of you are very conscious of your environment when boarding or inside a public transport especially at night when you have some cool cash or belongings with you...before I go further to gist you about this episode; It is very important to dress nicely before going public because you shall be looked upon like a criminal if you dress quite rough.

I boarded a particular bus around 10pm and I knew very well It was a late hour to go home but I just had to be careful of my wallet and phones...I sat next to this guy who obviously smells of alcohol and sat quite restless and immediately, my senses got some alert of taking precautions; my mind started creating movies without a script or camera..I thought perhaps, Is this a set up?..He kept on behaving like something was missing on the floor..He did not pay a dime to the bus conductor, rather, he kept posting him till he alighted.

I had to keep my phones and wallet in the deepest part of my bag and I held on to my bag like It was a visa to Paris..I also started communicating with God..(Things we do to God when under Pressure)..what a patient creator by the way...I was actually preparing for the worst until we got to our final destination and I made sure I went a different way, should he decide to come after me...

Prior before I boarded the bus, A woman kept adjusting her bag when a lanky young man stood closely by her and was behaving like he was lost..she was completely uncomfortable; there are several experiences I witness everyday and I have been under such situation before when people just feel funny when you are close to them at a bus stop and inside a bus, a lot of passengers want to be sure your hands are placed properly...sometimes, I wonder what we all carry around that gives us that nervous feeling.

Since we all cannot afford the luxury of a car to drive around, It is very important we have a good feeling towards ourselves..Car owners are usually very dramatic especially around Ketu in Lagos..A particular man who was driving a Nissan SUV suddenly realised his glass was down when some people approached his car for a lift to Ikorodu..His facial expression was highly dramatic and filled with fear...Can we live long in this Lagos with all this tension and drama about our judgement or perception of our fellow Lagosians...please endeavour to stop by next time for another Danfo gist.