Wednesday, 27 August 2014


I hope my previous episodes were quite interesting..I believe some of us do have such experiences in Lagos and now, my third episode happened in a LagBus, usually called Fashola which is the name of the Governor of Lagos and you might be wondering what makes such exclusive buses a Danfo..We all know the rate at which humans are packed up in these buses especially peak hours when Lagosians are either rushing to work or rushing the way, we are Russians in Lagos..We rush meals, driving, conversations..and am sure sex too..

I boarded a LagBus going to Ikorodu this evening and I was lucky to get a seat but never did I imagine that there would be a huge number of passengers that would be picked up along the road..but that is not news to me anyway..An elderly woman boarded the bus at a location in Ikorodu just before I alighted and she went through the back door which was opened because of passengers trying to alight..the next drama that raised so much heat in the bus was the refusal of this woman to pay her fare which was just 50 Naira.

The Bus Attendance was apparently dragging this woman to leave the bus but you know such a matter cannot be left alone by fellow passengers; It is normal in Lagos to see supporters and opposing sides..and then, the debate started or should I say conversational fights without the use of hands, heads or legs...After this Mama was left alone and she got a seat in the bus; She started complaining about her torchlight that was damaged by the attendant in the process of forcing her down. Mama was really on top of her voice over this matter..Mama that did not pay her transport fare but was complaining about her property?...Where am I heading to...?

I quite understand the Love your Neighbour philosophy, especially when it has to do with the aged ones but this services is maintained by money and profit has to be made; and there are supervisors who monitor these operations day and night..No one should really blame a bus attendant for demanding money because If the bus had to be free for every favour shown..I wonder what would be left of the employees and the maintenance of the buses...It is just like the new rail system which would cost you about 750 Naira from Yaba to Sango, It is expensive but how else would you enjoy such facility; Is it by having every kind of human just because you want to do Lagosians a favour...?