Sunday, 17 August 2014


 If you are one of those who think because you earn a million Naira as income, you drive one of the best cars in the world or perhaps you have the prettiest woman as a wifey and you feel your world is complete...Well, sometimes, that world is not complete until you follow your real passion..There are a few persons in Nigeria who will quit their job to follow a passion, especially with the current economic situation..Olaminrewajusi Oyeleke is one of those persons.He actually graduated from Bowen University in 2009 after studying Sociology and he had a kind of 8am - 5pm job but was he happy...?

Being fulfilled in life comes in diverse circumstances; such is the case of this young man who hails from Ibadan, Oyo State, South-West Nigeria. He says a point came in his budding career as a financial analyst with a prestigious investment firm, when his results where not matching his effort and at that moment, he decided its time to move on..Lanre believed he had always had some artistic genes in his DNA and so, it was not difficult switching careers...Ladies and Gentlemen, the birth of Leke Shades.
Even though he sings well and cannot write songs but his hand sure knows how to apply every essential ingredient to make you look stunning, attractive or even beautifully weird...When you see him working, do not panic or be scared because of his hard face, he says that is the mood that gets the job done and he certainly knows how to have a good time but his phone is also a great companion. At Leke Shades, professionalism is the key element; they also think outside the box, never afraid to break new grounds..such feats has led to being nominated for the 2014 Lagos Fashion Awards and a recognition from the Modelling Academy in Nigeria.

Though creativity is key, Lanre admits that it is a very challenging field because he meets different kinds of clients and models; the sweet and nasty, and getting to stand and bend for hours..All of these is done to ensure that the Photographer's editing time is drastically reduced...I think its time some people take this career seriously because Its way more than just applying powder and foundation.
When you ask around about Oyeleke..He is an ambitious young man in his late 20s who sees beyond stereotypes; he is an optimist and never gives up easily..He says his artistry comes from the urge to see better and more realistic special effects make up in Nigerian movies, as well as usage of prosthetics..he also says his usually appalled by the quality of make up/make over in Nollywood movies...that which I agreed to.

Oyeleke is also very concerned about the industry as too much attention is being paid to packaging, I was not sure what that meant but he explained further to say that some people get jobs simply because of where they trained or possession of a complete make up set...He has heard some tales of brides who cried and bit their fingers on wedding days because they hired a make up artiste based on the name of the outfit he or she trained..In essence, packaging is important but not the criteria for hiring a make up artiste...By the way, I was stunned at his zombie creations; how else can one define the power of creativity from such a shade of another kind of life...
For all you who admire this young creative being and desire to be like him or want delve into such a career; get a pen and put this down- punctuality is very key to this career, he says it is better you are waiting  for the client than the other way round; professionalism- never mix business with pleasure because it never ends well..always pay attention to details, never assume the photographer will edit all flaws in Photoshop; ensure you cover as many flaws as you can because not all photographers can edit properly.

He shared some fond memories about growing up as a child, that which he spent greatly with his grandparents..basically an indoor boy from school back home, he recalled reading story books from grandpa's library which helped shaped his English Language...Olanrewaju was very playful as a child but the world should be glad at what he turned out to be..his shades breathes a life of creativity.