Tuesday, 30 September 2014


This is not some sort of Nollywood boy meets girl or Is it girl meets boy story..It is a true experience which does not really have a category in the dating process..This is how it happened...I boarded a bus heading to Ketu which is within the Lagos Metropolis around 7pm and as I sat down quietly waiting for more passengers to board, a fat lady came in and sat beside me..by the way, my story is not actually being fat but her actions as a human being.

A look at her made me talk to her saying she looked familiar..It actually proved to some level that some ladies might be forming activity when you tell them they look familiar in a public vehicle...As for her, it turned out she did look familiar because I had seen the face before at a University in Lagos where she studies and all this while we conversed, I did not even remember to ask her name...but she was actually hastened to give out her number...Throughout our journey, she made me feel that there are some other pillows better than the one I have in my bedroom.

By the way, this is our first time of communicating face to face but what amazed me is how amusing she found me because she laughed deeply at some of their comments and she dramatized an extra by laughing and hitting my laps...almost close to the power house..thank God Junior was asleep but with one eye open.We alighted at the same destination and continued talking..a kind of conversation new lovers would have after having a dinner at the Eiffel Tower in Paris but I had to excuse myself because I had an appointment to have an haircut.

Have I called back since then?...Sorry, I did not save her number because we were both laughing in the bus and that erased off...