Thursday, 30 October 2014


Miss Treasure Obasi might not be known by some of you but If you always get to view Young Inventors on NTA, you will recognize the face as the host of the educational programme where young scientist and artistes are being celebrated. The power of television cannot be underestimated and so, the fame behind being a young presenter on NTA has rang bells in the ears of the Showbiz industry...
She featured in the recently released music video of Adaobi by Mavin Power House...Aside the fact that some cool cash must have been dropped into her account which can help her educational pursuit and other personal development...I can say she is officially a video vixen by the cool innocent look displayed in the video. I do know she has some seniors in the industry who are powerful hot vixens but her beauty will certainly giver her an edge and It might not take long before more musicians begin to take advantage of this young lady by using her swag to promote their videos.
I had a chat with her recently while on the set of Young Inventors..about her relationship with Korede Bello because they actually synchronized  well together if you watched the music video and she was quick to correct me with a laugh that they are just friends(a brother sister kind of friendship I guess). Treasure Obasi is currently studying at the University of Lagos and she actually has a bright future ahead..So check your purse very well before hiring her as a vixen in your music video...A look at her would give you an idea of how expensive she might be..By the way, Do you also know she is an actress?

Tuesday, 28 October 2014


There has been several issues circulating the country as regards the continual existence of Music group, Psquare which also extends to their marriage, family and career; It has been speculated that a separation is around the corner but right now, I think the signs might be glaring with this bold step taken by Peter Okoye even though he gave a constructive reason as to his motive of this endorsement deal with Olympic milk.

Peter Okoye emphasized in an interview with Vanguard that the deal is about him and not the duo of Psquare but can we truly believe this after all the drama that has ensued between him, Paul and Jude Okoye..What exactly is happening at the Square Towers and how are the women holding up and dealing with these issues..Yes, an endorsement will certainly pay lots of bills and take care of the family but I only hope it is not a step to some finale.

So many questions would be raised-Can Peter or Paul Okoye survive as a solo act and I know one of them is a better dancer while another is a better singer..I really do not welcome a separation because right now, they compliment their weaknesses very well..If there is an actual issue on ground, Jude Okoye should play that elderly role and talk some sense to his brothers.

Am sure so many people are on the edge of their seats; bloggers, print and broadcast journalists, twitterians and all other social media addicts...including me, waiting to be the first to break any news..I just hope O-Y-O is not our case, as these might just be the power to more fame.

Psquare has been together since 2003 and have produced 6 albums so far..with lots of awards as a sign of contribution to the music industry.

Monday, 27 October 2014


Nigerian Fashion Designer, Lanre Da Silva Ajayi took some bold step in getting controversial with some funny comments she made about the game of football in Nigeria while being interviewed on Channels Television...By the way, this Television station just has a way of putting you in the spotlight..back to the matter-She was emphasizing that she can make a lot of impact with the money invested in football if turned over to fashion..Did your Publicist ask you to say that if asked on TV?

Let us start from the scratch; Lanre Da Silva is only known by fashionistas, models, and general showbiz entrepreneurs but the fame behind football can never be measured with the clothing line of Nigerian Designers, after all, how many people get dressed in the LDA Label or any other Nigerian famous designers except those residing in the celebrity room..that aside, football is a global game that speaks one voice, spirit and victory.

Meanwhile, she got the attention of Celebrated Nigerian Football Legend, Daniel Amokachi and he gave some very constructive responses stating very good reasons why fashion cannot be placed at par with football..I liked the fact that he says football unites everybody as there is no sentiments involved..Again, who knows Lanre Da Silva but everyone knows Okocha, Kanu Nwankwo and even Keshi..I actually do respect her for her creative vintage designs but taking on football was an error and she should take back her comments and make a public apology to the entire football loving nation.


Even as we look forward to the release of Chairman by Nigerian Rap Sensation, Jude Abaga also known as Mr Incredible(M.I), Reports have it according to OMG that some copies have been pre ordered..It stated that 30,000 were sold in 30 minutes and am just curious; who exactly bought this album or is it a case of a promotional purchase which usually might be in the exchange for a large sum of money...?

I need someone to enlighten me better about how record labels operate in this part of the world because I think that such sales can be done by an artiste who is not under any label and eager to push the song or album out to the market..As for M.I, I do know he his under Chocolate City and if his album is pre ordered, How is the profit shared between M.I and the management...

The 16-Track album was made available for pre order on the 24th of October and corporate clients have already launched the purchase...How much were they sold out and who exactly bought them? I wish him the best as the album will be released on the 30th of this month.


Deji Bakare is certainly not a strange name to many followers in the Nigerian Showbiz Industry and If we have to refresh our minds, He was Mr Nigeria in the year 2011 which was proudly organized by the Silverbird Group. Mr.Bakare has been away in Canada undergoing some advance technical trainings in Modelling and Cinematography. He says he is fully back home and ready to bring that needed change through his modelling academy.

Mr Bakare says modelling goes beyond having beautiful faces and macho bodies. According to him, It is a very serious business and the easiest way to creating self employment and also self development. He further says that anyone can aspire to become a model-fat, black, white, ugly, old, young, skinny and so on. A fat person may be having a beautiful set of teeth, eyes, skin, hands or face.

At Deji Bakare Modelling Academy, you will get full exposure about being a runway model, print model, underwear, promotional model and other specialized aspect of modelling. It is actually not to late to discover yourself as the next big thing in the modelling industry because at Deji Bakare Modelling Academy-you will expose yourself to the international market and be gainfully employed.

Please call 0706-508-9601 for more details.

Thursday, 23 October 2014



Beautiful Adama Indimi, one of the daughters of the Billionaire Oil Magnate, Alhaji Mohammed Indimi, is a true definition of success when you trace her family background but she has also worked hard enough to be a successful entrepreneur..Well, I am not here to audit her wealth or success, rather, I am curious about her love life with Koko Master or should I say Banga Lee..I want to know If she has said yes to him and how soon should the wedding bells ring...Am blabbing much right?

These two entrepreneurs dated, went their ways and reports have it now that these love birds are doing it again and perhaps, this might lead somewhere we never least, It will shut the mouth of everyone who has tagged Dbanj as a player..I can imagine how cute and lovely their children will be; Adama is half Nigerian, Canadian and Swiss..add these to the killer looks of Koko Master....

I believe a lot of people will like to follow this to the end and I do not mean separating them but waiting for the day when Dbanj will be married..and as you wait, please be inspired by this entrepreneur who is rising faster than I can imagine in the business of Agricultural Produce.


The Nigerian Music Video Awards is here again and the nominees of the various categories have been released and I cannot help but express my view as regards the list...A very interesting list I must say..Let me start with the Video of the year category- We have Aye, Johny, Girlie O Remix, Sitting on the Throne and Dorobucci...I think the Winning Video is either Aye by Davido and Johny by Yemi Alade but If we are to look at the connection of the videos to the viewers, I would gladly go with Yemi Alade because so much effort went into that video aside the fact that It is very indigenous, the storyline is very relatable.

There is a category known as the Best Producer and I find it awkward that names of record labels are being used rather than individual professionals. I believe the Marvin family has done quite well just like Chocolate City and YBNL.

Davido and Yemi Alade might just end up as the major award recipients as they are listed together in the Best Indigenous Concept. Aye and Johny are listed alongside Surulere by Dr Sid, Ije Love by Teddy, Don't break my heart by Cynthia Morgan and Pentecostal Praise by Bethany Bola Thani. Surulere was quite indigenous but not as close to Aye, Johny and Don't break my heart...without mincing words, I would gladly recognize Yemi Alade as the winner of this category.

The Best Use of Visual Effect Category is one that needs no debate because the video in contention is one that was well put together from start to end and It is a video by the biggest African Act..I am talking about spiritual healing by Tubaba and Somori by Omawunmi deserves some applause.

I believe Girlie O Remix by Patoranking featuring Tiwa Savage should get at least a win from the three nominations-Reggae DanceHall Video, Cinematography and Directing...Without a debate, I would go with the Best Reggae Dancehall video because am always distracted by the dance moves in that video and I must applaud Tiwa Savage for her vocal and Dance delivery..She gave swag another definition.There was nothing fantastic about the directing but thumbs up to Mr Moe Musa for the beautiful angles and shots, and so, he deserves to win.

Aye keeps on registering itself in majority of the top categories and that includes the Afro Pop Video Category where It is nominated alongside Oh Baby-Chidinma, You Garrit-Orezi, On Top Your Matter-WizKid, Boogie Down-Saeon, Chakam-Shaydee..My preferred winner is Chidinma..take a close look at the video and you will realise why its the best Afro Pop Video.

These are just some of the categories that caught my attention and I was surprised seeing the name-Obiwon somewhere, I actually thought he was done with music..Above all, I say congratulations to all the nominees and I hope that no politics will be played in selecting the most deserving winners.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014


I really do not know how to describe the sudden diversion of Nigerian Actors into Politics..I did express a positive mind towards Actor turned Director, Desmond Elliot when he decided to join politics by contesting for a legislative seat but when I saw an online report about Jim Iyke romancing politics, eventhough It is reported he is not running for office but appointed as a leader of a Young political party in the diaspora and I say, that is how It starts...I was surprised!...we should not confuse being a famous actor with the ability to govern, rule or lead a group of people..I am sure Desmond Elliot is feeling the absence of meeting up with family dinners at home due to the countless number of meetings with party leaders and close associates.

From Jim Iyke's briefing, I can feel his pain as regards the age grades leading various top positions in Nigeria but Is this not the same Old men that he hangs out with most of the time..but again, he is a citizen of Nigeria and so he has the fundamental right to that effect but these guys must not think majority of Nigerians will gladly pat their back and place them at strategic leadership positions, they need to convince us beyond Takes, Action and Cut...except they are ready to go dirty which might not be a new thing to them.

I hope we will not witness more turn out of actors going into politics after the likes of Tony Tetuila, Desmond Elliot, Kenny St. Brown and Kate Henshaw...Some people are of the opinion that lack of a stable financial return in Nollywood might make some actors take a permanent seat in politics, with the hope that their future is totally sealed with ''Ghana-Must-Go''.


This trend is not new to most of us and am certain Harry Song will not be the last to come up with such ideas of letting the world know that I have arrived or perhaps there is something wrong with me..So many celebrities are becoming Instagramaniac by the day, If there is any word like that...By the way, everyone loves money but there are prices to pay to get such money and that is why it is the root of all evil...My thoughts!


I stumbled on this lovely new image of Nigerian Music Artiste and Entrepreneur, Dbanj, also known as Banga Lee on BattaBox and I could not help but share it, perhaps he could inspire some guys out there on what kind of hair cut to have when next they visit a saloon...By the way, Reports have it that he is currently working on a song with Award Winning Akon and should drop before the end of the year...I assume that will be a huge success considering the creativity of the two world talents involved.


Of recent, some colleagues at work daily joke about going into the music industry when we encounter some ridiculous music videos on television but the funny thing is that you might just see this artiste on the street of Lagos driving a G-Wagon and he might even tweet about it by saying Its a gain from his music..and I will ask what music exactly and how much sales really produced a G-Wagon?

I used this image of these selected personalities to represent some of the very few who have toiled the soil over the years to become a star today..The story of Genevieve, Omotola and Dbanj is one that shows some level of hardwork and their "Rome" was not built in a day but there are some others who have the short corner approach to success. My write up is about those celebrities who flaunt an item online at every opportunity.

I am unapologetic about the fact that I have to mention names..and It is definitely not a disguised beef because I actually appreciate some of these guys but the sudden show off can make some restless youths take out very dangerous steps, just to attain that point in life..I was surprised to see Actress, Ini Edo who just had a marriage Tsunami flaunt a newly acquired a 38 Million Naira G-Wagon and a 75 Million Naira Apartment in Lagos which gives us a total of 113 Million the way, this figure is not a guarantee that you would have lots of information about you on Wikipedia...Is this her own way of moving on in life..I laugh!

I really do not have a problem with people of such status acquiring such properties or luxury items...but please, If you truly feel an effect from a marital issue, a quiet time would do for you, rather than throw some properties at us..what exactly are you preaching..? sounds like Aaliyah-If at first you do not succeed, dust yourself up and try again...Seems like this is the life you want all along...

Now, I also stumbled into OritseFemi...Yes, Double Wahala Crooner and am sure some of us would have heard about his acquired property worth 200 Million Naira and 24 Million Naira Range Rover..I am actually not after the profit account of this Artiste because that is a quest I will never get an answer to but flaunting to the public these sudden surprises in such a little time communicates only one thing...How did OritseFemi do it?..and trust me, It never takes long before we have a market full of desperate young men and women...a survival strategy..Our music industry is already flooded with so many one tracker dreams who will do anything to smile to the bank and buy every posh apartment at Lekki at all cost...

As for Nollywood, It is assumed It is an opportunity to make money, sleep around and get famous from the bed to the screen..The life of being divorced, separated or singled is celebrated with so much pride..and to an extent, I do not think those still married flaunt around like that but again that is not my goal..I am concerned about the kind of generation we are raising by flooding all social mediums with our newly acquired properties and obviously, some bloggers sees to enjoy and pride in such euphoria of being the first to post a newly acquired vehicle..How about working hard to buy yours!

These celebrities are not the only ones behind this drama..the list is endless..They will never organise a forum to teach the youths how to catch a good fish but they come online to flaunt..Yes, It is good to flaunt success but one that will inspire a generation to work hard and not fuel a desperate quest to achieve success at all cost...By the way, I wonder If we have Investigative Entertainment Journalist who can always do an insight into the career of these Music and Movie Acts, which helps incoming acts to properly decide if that is their way in life...because sometimes the magnitude at which they get hyped by bribed Journalist, OAPs and bloggers is quite outrageous.

Some of them have been fortunate after one courtesy visit to the President or their State Governor under the guise of Actors or Music Guild of Nigeria..Success does not come overnight and so let us humble ourselves and let society celebrate our success...stop making some average Nollywood earners look like they are lazy...Flaunt your Social Responsiblities and not your Sport Utility Vehicles!

Thursday, 16 October 2014


We are at a point in Nigeria where right minded individuals are naturally feel the urge to lead because not every one is comfortable with the socio-economic state of the nation and I presume that is why a man like Desmond Oluwashola Elliot..A man that has made a tremendous success in the movie industry; from acting to directing and at 40, He is definitely not a fool for joining the train of politicians in Nigeria. He has however humbled himself by starting at the grassroot, which is the Surulere Constituency in Lagos State.

This father of four has starred in over 200 films and has gone ahead to also create a mark in directing and if he believes It is time to move a step further to an extreme leadership frontier, then, I expect Lagosians to support this man..Let us give him a chance and see If truly there are some Leadership genes in the body of this make-believe professional. Desmond Elliot is actually not the first screen celebrity to join politics; we have the likes of 62 years old Onyeka Onwenu who under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party run to become the chairman of her native town, Ideato North Local Government of Imo State but she is presently the Executive Director, National Centre for Women Development, as appointed by President Goodluck Jonathan.

Desmond Elliot has been attending party meetings, carrying out strategic orientations and youth sensitizations...and It seems quite a lot of people are at home with the step, I actually saw a banner of his at Surulere earlier today. Other Celebrities trying to find a place at any of the Legislative houses are Kate Henshaw, Kenny St. Brown, Anthony Olanrewaju Awotoye(Tony Tetuila) and a few others..It is a good step but again, they should not assume that their celebrity status will take them directly into the seat of government because this is actually a real life game and not some scripted idea..Leadership is a serious business.

Desmond Elliot has camped with the Action Congress of Nigeria..but Is that good enough to earn him a place at the legislative house? Well, let us wait, observe and watch his political campaign as regards the journey to the house...Meanwhile, I appeal to all you Surulerians to please follow his campaign and see If he is worthy of having a seat at the l.agos State House of Asembly or should he just return back to the Royal Roots family and keep baking movies...


This is a Nigerian Up and Coming Actress, Liz Da Silva who features more in Yoruba Movies, Here she is rocking a pair of Jeans and I really cannot place this sense of fashion but I presume she will say Its her style..By the way she is a mother and this does not look like a movie set..Quite inappropriate I must say except If It is actually for interpreting a role, then am home with it...Anything outside that seem very out of place..seriously!


There are many lifestyles in Lagos that should be completely discarded by everyone but It has slowly eaten deep into our bloodstreams and we cannot do without them...Throwing of wastes on the road while in motion, urinating by the road side and certainly blaring the horn like some Don Jazzy kinda thing..Lagos State government should be applauded by creating this initiative and I must say It was gladly welcomed by majority but what effect did it have on us and If It will bring that desired change?.I say never!

I woke that morning in anticipation of what the road would be like and I must say that It was well observed around my area till I got to my place of work..and I am not saying all road users actually complied but majority respected that day...There was peace going to work and I felt a serene atmosphere on the road.

Now that the celebration is over, Lagosians have resumed their lifestyle, their culture, their identity...the spirit of driving an exotic SUV and telling the next road user to clear or drive smart. Can we really do without the horn?..I say again No but the campaign should continue as I believe that certain road users would gradually key into having a sane trip around the metropolis.

If we look at it from another angle, some road users need to blare the horn at a very high frequency because so many people are walking in body and not in spirit..we are thinking about children, marriage, work, money, food, Landlord matters, salary and all, they need the horn to reawaken them from their mind trip...and not forgetting those feeling like Beats by Doctor Dre..If you get what I mean.

There are so many free day initiatives that we need, not just in Lagos but in Nigeria as a whole..We need a No cell phone day, No waste day and so on but above all, I hope we can truly adapt this programme because It will go a long way in boosting our life better...

Saturday, 4 October 2014


Now that a seed has germinated and bearing fruits, words are flying about how Music Television Africa represents us but have we forgotten what we have sowed over the years...The most pathetic of all are the OAP's we have around these days, some of them think of these musicals as old school and give more hype and attention to some Agric-Artistes who should still be recognised as Up and Coming...they are responsible for everything happening.

With all due respect, what is Lagos Party, Kini Big Deal or Do Me doing on that list if not because Its a who-knows-who industry and am not trying to discredit the hardwork and professionalism of Bankole Wellington but the same media guys are friends and acquaintances of the giant Television network in question..Also, what on earth is Skelewu doing on that list if not because of the level of hype being given to the song back in Nigeria..Yes, It is a feel good song that makes you dance but It can never stand an inch close to the vibe I get when I hear the sound of Sir Shina Peters..We should credit ourselves before we discredit our nation in the eyes of the world please!...

Perhaps, we also need to clarify from MTV, the precise era they are talking about before we make our conclusions but nonetheless, It is a slap to the Nigerian Media and not to MTV because It is what they see and are being fed always...check out our top playlist back home and get a clue of what am talking about.

How have we helped these old generational artistes to stay on top of their game..? How well do we interview them, invite them for shows, play their songs or use them as brand ambassadors? Rather, we eat and drink under the hands of some financially independent people who suddenly realised that their nation would be a better place to start their career...I am not saying the young should not grow and at the same time, the old should not wither away so fast...African Queen is simply the most worthy of that list and I do not accept that two of Davido's track should be on the same platform with a super multi award winner like Tubaba...Never!

I will love to scold MTV too but honestly, I do not have an idea how this rating came about..perhaps, They are referring to contemporary times but again, where is Oruka by Sunny Neji, Ras Kimono, Oliver De Coque amongst others...Our bloggers, On Air Personnels, Print and broadcast Journalists and brand managers need to look more beyond the present day music..Infact, those songs back then hold more of our good nature and values as Nigerians..these days, we are blinded by creativity. A shocking track on that list was Safe by M.I..How many of us can just wake up and start singing that track, take away your likeability of the Rapper behind the track but when you think of Great Afrobeat Legend, Fela...every track comes to you and you can relate with them...

By the way, Is MTV Africa saying no female act can make that list, where is Ijoya by Weird MC..Are you kidding me people? I think some politics actually played out here..seems more like a clique ruling the industry...Above all, some people have laid a foundation before these babies started crawling and so, the media needs to understand that..I understand that we want to feel young, happy and hip but please we all know how good music truly sounds and feel when played...

Friday, 3 October 2014


''Big, Big Booty..what you got a big booty..''.that was a line from the chorus of the powerful Single from Jennifer Lopez featuring the new fast rising discovery, Iggy Azalea. Have heard so much about the combination of these two but never had the chance to view the video until today. To a very large extent, the video looks better than what Nikky Minaj did with her ''behind''..I am very sure it will get lots of views on YouTube...Honestly, I like the video because I was amazed at what JLo was doing at 45 years and you cannot help but love Iggy for her rap delivery to the song.

Before I say more on that, I also came across a music video by 28 year old Nigerian Singer and song writer, Seyi Shay..I have always seen her as one of the sexiest female acts in Nigeria but I must say she really proved more with Murda which featured Patoranking and Shaydee.

Her moves in the video was quite artistic and not just for the sake of doing videos..She seems very confident about her body and am sure she knows how sexy she is and Its a good thing when such a thing is capitalized on. She even had to shake her butts upside down..''She say she wan murda...''

Seyi Shay also felt very comfortable around the guys at the raunchy party scene..I know a lot of people might frown at it but these sultry scenes are what we crave for sometimes in our relationships, especially marriages and If some artistic people have decided to help our brain connect with that feeling...much respect then.

On the other hand, Tiwa Savage got a lot of hate comments for what she did in the Wanted music video but after watching the likes JLo, Iggy Azalea and even Seyi Shay, I think Wanted was just a mere child's play. I feel Seyi Shay and Tiwa Savage have got a bit of connection when It comes to their artistic delivery on the set of their music videos while Iggy Azalea had some sort of Nikky Minaj swag while delivering her lines in the Booty track.
Welcome to the world of extreme creativity and Its really about doing everything possible to increase a commercial benefit to the life of an artiste, so If you think Tiwa Savage was quite out of line, try and check out Seyi Shay and Booty Video is definitely out of the debate because It is not our culture like we say but I had to watch very well before doing this piece.


Call him one of the slimmest TV Personalities in Africa and you are not far from the truth...Ehiz is no doubt a familiar and regular face on MTV Base and he has gone ahead to carve a niche for himself, even though he got the VJ Contract via a talent search...Presently, Ehiz has continued to remain relevant in the social scene, as he is now featured in music videos and what he does there cannot be expressed by need to see Olamide's Story for the gods video and get an understanding of the hype value Mr Ehiz is establishing in our industry.

He has proved that showbiz is beyond video jockeying but using his influence as face of MTV Base to add commercial value to Music videos and am quite sure It is not for free...If we recall, Ehiz did say that If he eventually made it as a winner of the VJ search in 2013, MTV Base will be the most watched in Africa and he has actually fulfilled that promise because his sense of humour compliments his personae and that has drawn a lot of attention to the huge package in the small body.

If you are looking for any hype personae for your music videos, wedding or naming ceremony..I can vouch that Ehiz will make it worth every penny you might spend...

Wednesday, 1 October 2014


I should be in the presence of God after writing this inspirational piece...I call it inspirational, even though It is more like a testimony, actually, am inspired to appreciate my life more even if Its Garri Flakes am drinking..This is how my holiday went but thank God I did not end up at the Mortuary or perhaps lying half way to heaven...

I woke up this morning feeling like viewing a film at the cinema but the heavy rain held me back until I left home at 2pm...Sometimes, there are certain signs we do not see but today I realise that God speaks in various forms. The first unknown sign came when I was stocked in a heavy traffic jam and that same public transport developed a fault..I later joined another vehicle so as to meet up with the movie at 5pm.

Now, I really do not like visiting the cinemas or any fun site on a public day in Lagos..You will be amazed at the huge number of people present..It was like a population census is taking place and the cinema was a selected centre...some people even sold out their tickets...This was my first time of joining a queue just to buy a movie ticket, I actually planned to view October 1 but It was sold out and so, I had to go for No Good Deed which featured two great Black Americans-Idris Elba and Taraji Henson...a movie that kept me on the edge of my seat till the end.

Back to the matter...God spared my life today at about 7.30pm..I was at a bus stop waiting for a public transport when a man asked me If I would take a taxi and he was able to agree to a comfortable price which I can afford because there was actually a scarcity of buses going to my route..So, I entered this man's taxi. alongside two other passengers..that means, we shared the total charge but just about 2 minutes after leaving the cinema arena..This man was a fast and furious character..He started swerving to the left and right and was complaining of god knows what...hitting his leg really hard against something.

The victory for me is that the traffic light within that area suddenly turned red and so vehicles must halt..He eventually ran into two exotic vehicle..with an SUV being the major victim of our brake failing. My thought was, what If it was a free the third mainland bridge...I quietly left the scene and walked back to the front of the mall...He found me later and asked that I join him, saying he has fixed the brake...what a question!...Diaris God O! .That was how my holiday went..God speaks to everyone, he cares less about how sinful you are...


I am sure every Nigerian wants a good life, from good water supply, roads, healthcare and to transportation..not forgetting shelter but am more concerned about the rail system or should I say the Train itself...Now, It is no longer news that some new coaches have been arranged to convey passengers from Sango to Apapa..Some people have said Its just a fairly used product painted and packaged to the ever ignorant Nigerians..Well, Those Coaches are not brand new but lets just forget that side...

The matter here is the old property we still convey humans with...I have no idea about the age of this Train but am sure even animals will not feel comfortable but we all like to manage situations..praying that things will get better and yes, they are getting better with the introduction of fairly used items, painted and tinted to suit our quest for 21st Century development...This is my experience.

I actually do not learn lessons once but after this second time, I should be held responsible for what happens again when I board the old Train..Let me not bore you with my first experience but the second is far more interesting..If you feel me..Now, I was at the Yaba Terminal at 3.20pm for a departure of 4.20pm, even some grooms are not that early for their wedding ceremony but I had to wait till 5.30pm before I could board this so called Train and I was heading to Sango...By the way, I had to stand because every sit has been duly occupied from the Iddo Terminus with every human you can think of without discriminating...

Now, the inside of this Coaches will remind you of how congested a Molue bus can be..I had to get close to a window and get air while I journeyed to Sango, I had no idea who was louder-the train or the passengers and we spent about 15 minutes at every terminal to pick up more passengers..ask me where they will seat If not the roof of the Coaches..Death Penalty Alert!

To make my story worth interesting..I journeyed on a rainy day and you know the impact of that in an area where drainages are absent...Good! I finally alighted at about 7.20PM but at a wrong terminal because It was dark and I was just too eager to get off the damn Train..I was given a direction and so I followed a larger number of passengers who just alighted and we walked passed a mini River Niger..I looked at myself and smiled at my suede drivers..God Forbid! and so I had to pull off and folded my jeans to knee level just for we the Nigerian Israelite to pass through this moment.

This write up should actually be titled ''MUD DAY'' because after surviving the river-like path, I had to romance a dreaded road under construction but the level of mud there cannot be expressed by mouth alone but my lovely sorry you had to go through that...Above all, I know Its not easy for a lot of passengers to afford the 750 Naira Train but that crappy Thing called Train should be reserved in the museum for generations unborn to have a view of what their Nation looks like...I am a proud Nigerian but I do not want to be defined by that standard because we can actually do better than that..Let us reach a compromise by reducing the 750 to about 500 and increase the coaches because that old thing is only a dead sentence and Its not only by an about our state of health when so many people breath into each other?