Friday, 3 October 2014


Call him one of the slimmest TV Personalities in Africa and you are not far from the truth...Ehiz is no doubt a familiar and regular face on MTV Base and he has gone ahead to carve a niche for himself, even though he got the VJ Contract via a talent search...Presently, Ehiz has continued to remain relevant in the social scene, as he is now featured in music videos and what he does there cannot be expressed by need to see Olamide's Story for the gods video and get an understanding of the hype value Mr Ehiz is establishing in our industry.

He has proved that showbiz is beyond video jockeying but using his influence as face of MTV Base to add commercial value to Music videos and am quite sure It is not for free...If we recall, Ehiz did say that If he eventually made it as a winner of the VJ search in 2013, MTV Base will be the most watched in Africa and he has actually fulfilled that promise because his sense of humour compliments his personae and that has drawn a lot of attention to the huge package in the small body.

If you are looking for any hype personae for your music videos, wedding or naming ceremony..I can vouch that Ehiz will make it worth every penny you might spend...